Monday, August 25, 2008

Free humingbird pattern

Somewhere out there in blogland is a blog where the lady offers great freebies. And her most recent one was of a humingbird pattern. It was either a scissor case or a needlebook case, I didn't look that close! But I loved the pattern and sent it to a friend to have her print it for me.. darn if I didn't forget to paste the link, and darn if I can't find it now! I think I clicked on her stuff from one of y'alls blogs.. but I have no idea where!

Anybody know where I mean?


Wendy said...


Is it this one here:


Rachel said...

Her patterns are cute. Cant wait to see the updates :)

saras said...

Yup that was it! Man you ladies are good! :) Thanks

Monsoon said...

They beat me to it. I recently finished a smalls project (over one thank you very much) and I was thinking of you and you basket of smalls the whole time I stitched it. It is on my blog now.