Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Mom, I'm bored!"

Seriously... Luke (8yrs old) says to me today: "Mom, I'm bored!" We've been home all of about three days, and it's the first day where we haven't had to go do something! So off to Walmart we go for school supplies, to blockbuster to rent a wii game for him, McDonald's for dinner, a bike ride to wherever he wanted, a quick stop by the nature park on our ride, and he's still bored!" I guess mom just doesn't hold a candle to the 100+ youth he's had in his life the past six weeks!

My dh and both boys always want to "go do something". DH will work 7-5, eat supper, and be ready to go somewhere.. anywhere! I on the other hand.. love nothing more than to be bored! BORED=STITCHING TIME! Seriously, I can sit and stitch for hours! Or sit and go through my patterns,threads, etc! In fact, I'd love a few days to be bored!

This whole summer we've been going wide open from 6am-midnight. No time for boredom! I swear, I'd love a few days of boredom!

I remembered last night that I have a Fair and Square exchange due to be mailed on the 11th! Guess I'd better get started, right? My partner is Rita from Hungary! I love having overseas partners! My last partner was Gaby from Germany! Anyway, I'm stitching part of the LHN design Schoolgirl Lessons. I think that's the name of it. I'm using a cool thread by Ozark Sampler called Indian Paintbrush. It's a blend of the 221 color family and 640's. I really like it. The whole pattern won't fit on the square, but the main part did and the word stitching. I finished that all today. (goes quick, when you don't have to change any colors!) Then for the back square, I'll do the border stitching from the bottom of the pattern and instead of stitching reading and writing, I'll put our names in there.

Luke and I are planning a trip tomorrow to the Raleigh Science Museum. It's a four story building that is very cool, and best of all it's free! We'll stop by Sam's Club on the way out there.. I saw a really warm sweater/jacket I wanted. But the day we were there, we were all overheated from playing putt-putt in 100+ temps and I didn't feel like buying a winter jacket! :) Hope it's still there, I think I'll get one for my SIL for Christmas too! Then, when we get home, if Luke isn't bored.. I'll finish up my Fair and Square exchange!


Marion said...

Sara, don't you just love the "I'm bored!!" LOL I get that alot in the summer.

Sounds like you had a busy summer!
Pop on over to my blog sometime, it's not all about stitching though....actually most of it isn't about stitching!
Take care
nova scotia

Shirley said...
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