Friday, August 15, 2008

You should see my house!

Oh my word! It's awful! Both boys are home and have apparently decided to play with every single toy they own! I told them tonight that we were really going to have to straighten up tomorrow and they looked shocked! And Luke said, "But nobody's coming over!" Oh dear!

The truth is, I've been stitching A LOT! I just haven't paused to take time to take pictures and put them on here! Though the stitching did make it upstairs beside the computer, now just to take the pictures!

I finished the "Our House Rules"! Just took a few days. It is so pretty! I really like how it turned out. Then there was this little needlebook I wanted to stitch, it's tiny and all over one stitching. I didn't notice until the very end that they were supposed to be tent stitches, which takes no time at all! I did a full stitch, which I like better, but takes so long! The saying on the front is so cool: "Seek joy with needle in thy hand" and has a little lady stitching under a tree on a hill. And inside there are stitched pages that have the needle size in the bottom corner. I just need to put it together!

Then I might have stitched a little something-something for a certain friend who has a birthday soon! I'm pretty sure she reads this, so I'll have to keep it hush hush for a few days!

I started a new Homespun Elegance christmas ornament. It's the new one for 08 and it has a santa with a wish list and on the wish list it lists: linen, thread and time to stitch! Very cute!

I have lots waiting in the wings. The poor spring wall hanging is set to the side for now. It has lots of boring, fill in stitches, so I'll wait for a car ride for that!

Then I found a few things I had finished this past year (or more) and never posted a picture... they are just rolled up in my cross-stitch stuff. So I'll post pictures of them sometime too! Then there's always all those other WIP's I have lots of things I want to stitch!

Have you seen all those thread card things on stitchers blogs, the one with the little stitched piece with a ring attached.. Yup, I want to do some of those too!

Now does anybody wonder why my house is really a mess? Seriously, I'm thinking this school year, I'm going to set one day aside for a "me day" i.e. a stitching day... and be really productive and time smart the rest of the days of the week. Think that will work?!! I hope so! I do love my stitching time, but I hate to have a messy house! I just equally hate cleaning it!

For those who asked how I get so much stitching done, well the answer is probably in this post! But I do stay up really late.. it's been around 2am this whole week. DH is an early sleeper and often goes to bed between 9:30 and 10:00.... so there's lots of quiet time for me to get lots of stitching done!

Talk to you later! Thanks for visiting!

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Sonda in OR said...

Your post so reminds me of me. Except I bet your house is cleaner. I too am a nite owl, while my husband goes to bed at a 9:30ish.