Friday, August 22, 2008


Can you hear it? The boys are at their Mamaw's for the weekend!! Today I am dedicating to cleaning, rearraning and tomorrow my good stitching buddy and I are going to an LNS in SC. It'll be a 3-3 1/2 hr drive, but I'll stitch along the way! :) I am moving my youngest son into his own room, he has been sharing with his brother since we moved. Andrew is starting middle school: and has become much more independent, is allowed to do more things, has a cell phone, etc. and Luke things life is completely unfair! :) So among other reasons, we are giving Luke is own room and we'll fix it up a bit for him. But the only other room choice was our guest room, and the closet is/was full of my craft stuff, games, kids craft supplies, etc! So I completely emptied that closet...moved Luke's closet stuff into the new closet. Now I'm rearranging to figure out how to get all this stuff into Luke's old closet. I would just toss it all, but as soon as I do, I'm gonna need it! So I'm taking a break!

Here are a few things I started and finished this week. These are all by JBW and are stitched on 32ct over one! I really love them! Aren't they cute?

My thumbs in there, so you can see how little they are! I couldn't find my ruler!:)

I also finished two LK Squared patterns. I want to do a summer and a winter one next, but I need to get the patterns first!

That's all I've done this week!:)


Anonymous said...

Those over 1 jbw's are just so cute. Hmmm, maybe could they be turned into needle minders.

staci said...

Love all of your did them all this week??? Wow, you are fast!

Marion said...

Love the stitching!
Where did you get that fabric for the LK's??