Saturday, August 9, 2008

No 989

Isn't annoying?! First of all I've needed 3857 for the entire month of July! We've been so busy, I never had a chance, nor was I in a town big enough to pick up one. So my best stiching buddy sent me one in the mail this week. Very wonderful! Well, I finish stitching with that color and the next color I need is 989. And of course I don't have it! I have then entire collection, plus about 4/5 of a 2nd collection, but alas no 989.

So after having Luke's friend over for SIX HOURS yesterday, I figured I earned myself a trip to the craft store. No big deal normally, except the closest one is at least 25 minutes away, depending on traffic. So off we go, me and Luke. (or is it Luke and I?) Anyway.... we pull in Joann's, cause that's where I had a coupon and I knew Luke would want to buy something. So we pick out his craft project, go get the rest of the colors I need.. go to the section for 989 and NO 989! NONE, ZIPPO!

Normally I could use a different shade, but all the other shades around are already being used in the project and I need 989. So I head for home without my poor little 989. We were 1/2 the way home and Luke says, why didn't we go to Michael's? Well, that would have been smart..but didn't think about it! There are NO other crafts stores of any type in the town I live in, or the three really close towns. In Cary, there are ACMoore, Michael's and Joanns all w/in a mile of each other. ACMoore and Michaels are across the street, within the same set of shops. That makes no sense to me!

Oh well, so I am still w/o 989. I'll have to work on one of the other million things I can be working on, but I really wanted 989! :)


Daffycat said...

email me your mailing address, please! :o)

I hate it when that happens! Did you know a lot of stores don't carry all colors? I never realised it until I went to Hobby Lobby to get a certain color...thought I must have written the # down, they just don't carry that color. But, they do have four bins each for white and 310! Grrr...

Marion said...

I hate when that happens! And only a true stitcher could feel the family thinks I'm a little strange when I rant on about not being able to get a certain colour!
Hope you get it soon!
What projects are you working on?

Connie B said...

Hey, didn't realize you were a NC gal!! I'm next door in Durham!! I feel your pain about the LNS. The closest to me are Roxboro NC and Raleigh NC. I haven't been to the one in Raleigh, on Capitol Blvd, have you??

saras said...

thanks daffycat.. but I picked up some 989 today! Unless you need my address for something else?! :)

i'm uploading some pictures to show you what I've been stitching...

Connie, actually I went to that LNS today with my stitching buddy. Even ended up taking Luke. He did fine for the most part! :) It's worth a trip, if you've never been!

Daffycat said... just never RAK might come your way some day!


Connie B said...

Awesome!! Maybe I'll see you there one day!! Glad you enjoyed your trip. I have some stitchy friends that I work with, but they are on the opposite shift as me, so I have so shop alone!!!