Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lots of Pictures

I don't even know who most of these designers are! These are just rolled up in my box of finished stuff! I think this might be a SB design? I collect nativites and really need to do something with this one!

I stitched this for my mom, with the idea of making it into a bag or pillow. I have five nieces who she reads Bernstein Bear books to all the time.... I just need to do it! :)

My friend Linda loaned me this pattern. I really like it, but kind of wished I had done the purple darker... Hmm!

A close up of the bottom part.

This is a LK that I really like! A really quick stitch!

I'm not sure who this is by.. Maybe a LK? Kind of looks like her style. The button in the corner is supposed to be a package.. I think I might take the tree off and just leave it blank.

This one is the biggest shame of all! It's been done since 2005. It is a PV pattern, that came in a book along with a little boy praying at his bed. Not sure why I did the girl, when I have two boys! At first I thought maybe for one of my nieces, but if I stitch one big picture, I'm gonna have to eventually stitch four more! So then I thought, maybe for the little girl that's named after me? But then I really like it.. so I'm holding on to it for now!

A close up, I love the little coloring page, don't you?

Thanks for looking!
Don't be impressed...some of these date back as far as 2005! :)


Kathy A. said...

Wow, what an amazing amount of stitched pieces. Some of them sound like an easy finish. Just think of how pleased you will be when they are all done up.

Connie B said...

Holy Moly! When you catch up, you really catch up! Nice stitching!!

Anonymous said...

You have some really great pieces here.