Friday, January 2, 2009

Time to Go Home

We leave today at 4pm, which is 8pm eastern time. We'll get home on Saturday at 4pm eastern time. We have a six hour layover in Anchorage..BORING! :) We haven't decided what we'll do, we can get a rental car for four hours for $12, so we'll probably just do that and go somewhere. My friend from high school might be in Anchorage, depends if they make their afternoon flight. So hopefully (for us) we'll be able to meet up with them. Hopefully for them, they'll already be on their way out of the state.

We've had a great time. We all made tie dye shirts yesterday, and everybody is anxious to open them up today and see how we did!

A load of laundry to do, and four suitcases to pack and then we should be good to go!

Back to real life of cooking, working, homework, cleaning, etc. etc. The break sure has been nice!

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Patti said...

I hope you have a decent journey home and really glad that your vacation was a good one.