Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh no!!!

Today I checked the mail, and their was a package..well color me surprised! :) I opened it and found two cross-stitch charts!

After I saw what they were, I remembered that someone had a giveaway on their blog and you could request a pattern. I did that while we were in Alaska.

Here's my problem! :) I have a pile of blogs I read, but often click links on those blogs to go to other blogs. Now, I have no idea where the blog is that gave me these patterns!

I might just have to resort to sending a thankyou the old fashioned way! But sure wish I could find her!


Beth said...

I see you have "It will be funny tomorrow" on your blog list. I know she did a giveaway not too long ago.

saras said...

you know what, I thought it might be here too, but I looked at her blog and couldn't find it! I'll have to look again. is she in PA?

Beth said...

Yes, I think she is in PA. Here's a link to her giveaway post:

That probably wrapped badly, but you should be able to copy and paste it.

Ann said...

Sara, I just sent you an email about the Round Robin--I hope I'm not too late!