Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks for all the really great comments on my ornaments! Maybe someday they'll even get to their final finishing stage..we'll see! I still have a few left that I want to do, but am starting to get out of the mood of Christmas stitching! I have a few stitching obligations: Valentine exchange (which I keep forgetting about!), Spring exchange with my diva's, a quilt square for a twin infant that passed away, and of course my Friendship Sampler RR. I'm still waiting on my pattern and starting to get ill!! :)

DH is gone today, tomorrow and Thursday. He's at a round table discussion on missions in Dallas, Texas. They bring a bunch of people from all the different states, and some countries too I'm sure! He said they sit in a U-shape and they put the NC group in the back corner! I told him he should recommend it be called the U Shape Table discussion for next year. He doesn't think I'm funny!

I'm feeling really old tonight! I'm only 33, but just feeling old! I had my lovely yearly exam this past weekend and the doctor wants to retest a few things. And my cholesterol is sort of high. Well, actually it's 50 points higher than my good friend and 55 points higher than my DH. I'll freely admit I eat like crap... I actually started to eat breakfast last year for the first time in my life, I eat an okay dinner (thanks to DH's diet) and I snack bad stuff the rest of the day! The doctor told me I need to introduce excerise to my life...hmm, wonder if putting a needle in the fabric counts?

I'm sort of rambling, aren't I? I guess it's cause Dh is gone and I haven't had much grown-up talk today, except for with doctors offices!

My Dh is not a movie watcher at all...in fact, the nearly 14 years we've been married..I think we've been to 5 or 6 movies together, and most of those were kids movies! And we don't rent them either...he just doesn't like them. But I do! :) So whenever he's gone, I like to get a movie. I found these cool little kiosk things at Walmart and Kroger (a grocery store) that rent movies for one night for $1! Can't beat that? So today I rented three! Yup, I dropped kids off at school, rented the movies, stitched and watched movies!

First I watched: 28 Dresses-the language was a little much for me, but really a great movie! Had a perfect ending, just like I like!
Then I put in: P.S. I Love You- darn if I didn't cry through that whole movie! I didn't want sad, romance! I wanted happy, silly romance and this didn't fit the bill! But it was a good movie. It even had that actor I like from Grey's Anatomy! Denny Dueket(?) is his name on Grey's.. sad that I don't know his real name! Actually both those movies had actors from Grey's Anatomy
Then I picked kids up from school, fed them dinner, vacuumed the stairs, helped with homework, and put them to bed.
Then I watched Catch and Release. It was pretty good too, actually I liked it a lot.

I think they are mostly old movies, but like I said...I rarely watch them.

Since I "wasted" today, tomorrow I"ll be better. Tomorrow is my day at school each week to volunteer with a reading program. Then I'll move to my son's class and help with the centers they are having. Then I'll go to lunch with Luke, and then I might be meeting up with some friends from the church my DH used to be the pastor of.

I've probably talked your ear off by now! Guess I'll head to bed! I'm usually up this time of night by myself anyway, but it seems too quiet without DH!


mainely stitching said...

I hope the time that your DH is away passes as pleasantly as possible for you!

Lisa said...

I know how you feel on 2 accounts...first, it is bittersweet when the DH is away. At least for me - I look forward to it because I can get somethings done around the house and also have sometime to do stuff I want (movies, stitch, etc). However, my DH is typically the only adult I talk to during the day...and after dealing with 2 mouthie kids (gotta luv pre-adolescent boys), an adult conversation is welcomed.

However...try to make the best of this time - for I am sure it will pass quickly.

Take care! Lisa

PS...hope your Friendship Sampler will arrive soon.

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like you're taking advantage of some time that you have. It's hard when DH travels - in one way, you can do what you want to do, but you miss them!
I can so tell you're from this area or the South. I think we must be the only ones to say "ill" for irritated. I love it!
And I'm with you on the movies - I'm not into sad, either. I'm a blubbering snot-nosed reject by the time I see sad or emotional movies, so I really like nice, sweet comedies or romances, too!
I still need to get the fabric for my Friendship RR. Guess I better get on the stick!

Patti said...

I do hope you don't get too lonely while you DH is away and that you get some stitching done. Love Patti xxx

Cindy F. said...

I know how you feel. When my dh travels, and it's a lot, I feel like a lost puppy:( But you did have a good day with movies and stitching. Better we miss them than dread them coming home!!..lol..