Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At Last!-updated

Stitching pictures! Yup, finally! :) These are what I've stitching Dec and the ones I posted before I went to AK. Kids are still home from school, so I'll have to add all the details later. They are all from various JCS Ornament issues, 2000-2008. Some I'm really happy with and some I'm not at all thrilled with! :)

This one is stitched over one, I guess on probably 32 count. It was just gonna be way too big! I messed up on the stocking, can you tell? :)

I'm not thrilled with this one. The white is really hard to see... I didn't use the fabric called for and I guess it was so light, that the white sort of blended in with it?

I stitched this (over 1) while I was watching the Inauguration all day! I figured it fit the occasion! :) I have loved this pattern for a long time. I had already stitched it once over 2, but it was too big. So I did it this time with the right colors and over one.

Messed up on this one too!:) The blocks are all supposed to be filled in with white Fuzzy thread, which I thought was a cool idea. I used the white called for to stitch the blocks, but in the sample (after I had already stitched it and went back to look at the picture) all their block outlines are a dark gray. Since mine is much more white, you couldn't distinquish any blocks when I added the Fuzzy thread. So I just left it empty! I think I like it better anyway!

I think this is one of my most favorite ones! But see that goofy bottom right corner? what is with that? It's how it is charted, but I'm thinking I'm gonna have to go back and square it up! what do you think?

I love this one! I stitched it to go with the bunny one, but this one turned out much better!

I didn't originally really like these, but at the fabric store I found fabric that is all lines of music...and I had to buy some to back these ornaments. And that meant I had to stitch them !I really like how they turned out. It was supposed to be all beads, but I don't get along well with it's just all stitched! There is a ton of counting and backstitching in these babies!

This little birdy is cursed! My good friend stitched it and she had to frog a bunch of it...I was doign just fine on it and got to the hat and messed that up too! So beware the hat if you stitch this one! :) It's only really pretty blue sparkly fabric! Love it!

This was another little booboo! :) These too are supposed to be connected at that middle green stitching line. Then it looks like one piece of fabric. Very cool idea. BUT I just used fabric from my stash and despite counting a million times, they aren't the same count! I think one must be 32 and the brown one is 35. My option is I can just do two seperate ornaments, which would be cute..but wasn't the main idea! :) Or I can add another line on the brown fabric across the bottom,but then it won't match the border on the right and I'll have to add a line to that. What to do?! haha

See I stitch, really I do! :) Kids are back in school. They started two hours late, that meant my youngest didn't go to elementary school until 10:45! Crazy! So I have a few hours by myself. I started yet another ornament last is CUTE if I do say so myself! :) So I'm gonna work on that a little bit and watch something on tv that I want to watch!

The snow is still hanging around, which is very strange for NC! Enjoy your day!


Vonna said...

Lovely stitching...I don't know if there is one I wouldn't like :o)
Especially already stitched! LOL!

Patti said...

Really lovely stitching and now I believe you! No, I really did anyway and if only I could keep my fingers on the right keys!

Shelleen said...

wow, they all look great!!

Suzanne said...

These are all really beautiful, well done!

Carolyn NC said...

I loved all of them - wonderful stitching!

Cindy F. said...

I love them ALL!! Good job girl!

Kathy A. said...

Great work there girl!!! You are on a roll

karen said...

I love them all Sara! they all look great!

Michele said...

Wow! that's a lot of wonderful ornaments! I don't know which one I love the best .. they are all great!

I had fun stitching the bluebird .. fun :)

staci said...

Wow! Your needles have been BUSY! They all look wonderful!

Andrea said...

Great stitching, you certainly have been busy. :)

Jean said...

I would definitely go and square up that corner- what was the designer going for there?

Just LOVE the squirrel/tree piece. It's just great! Who is the designer on that one?

You really have a lot to show us- what fun to see all that progress!

Lisa said...

You have been a very busy to see your work! By the way, I have an award for you (thanks for organizing the Friendship Sampler RR...looking forward to getting going).

Connie B said...

wow you were a busy little bee!! Nice stitching, and NO I couldn't see any mistakes in the stocking, lol!

Lizzy said...

Oh, my what lovely ornaments, Sara! I think they all turned out beautifully! :-)

The snow was really lovely, wasn't it? And they are predicting more for Monday! Woo Hoo!

I had a wonderful time wandering around your blog... lots of lovely stitching! :-)