Friday, January 16, 2009

My baby is NINE!

This was the funniest thing ever! His birthday fell in the middle of the week, which was "Totally unfair"! When his friend's mom asked him if he had a good birthday he said, "Not really, I had a test, jogging club and ART!" Jogging club happens one week a month and instead of playing during recess time, they JOG! I agree...boring! :)

So here he was with his cake.

1st attempt at blowing out candles!

Notice only three candles blew out! I have no idea what he was doing, but it was so hilarious. He could NOT blow out the candles! He'd huff and puff and blow and only one or two would go out!

2nd or 3rd attempt!

Success=Pure Joy!!

Tonight he is having his best friend spend the night. They are funny because they are complete opposites, but they have a great time together. I think they balance each other a little bit!

I'm hoping to survive the evening, and maybe even get some stitching in!

When did this blog turn to be about my family?! Seriously, it's gonna get back to stitching soon! I did take some pictures of the ornaments I'm stitching, but they turned out icky! (The pictures, not the ornaments!)

I'm organizing an RR with the pattern Friendship Sampler and we still want to add about two more people. That will take us up to 20. We have people from all over the US, and even a group from the Netherlands is joining us. The funniest thing, is after all was said and done, one lady in the group is only about 20 minutes from me! :) Blogland isn't so big after all!

Talk to you later!


Cindy F. said...

Happy Birthday to your ds!!
He is adorable:) Great pics! As I was reading this, I kept thinking they were trick candles! Guess not!
I'm sure his friend being over will make up for the not so fun school day!

karen said...

I thought they were trick candles too! LOL I am an evil mom, i buy the trick candles. bwahahaaaaaa Happy Birthday!!! Only 1 friend over for the night shouldn't be too bad, it's when there are many multiples, UGH!

saras said...

that's what was cracking everybody up! They were just plain, old, cheap candles! I think he was just blowing over the top and never quite getting the flame or something! It was so funny!

Carolyn NC said...

Happy Birthday to your son - great pictures!

Connie B said...

Happy Bday!! Great pics!!

Marion said...

So Sara, did you survive the sleepover??? Did you get stitching done?
Your ds is so cute!!

Can't wait to see your stitching...have been reading and enjoying all your updates.