Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in NC!

School is cancelled! Work for DH is closed! So everybody is home again! :) They were all home yesterday too. So that means no stitching for me! One of these days I tell ya, I'm gonna shock you will all my stitching pictures....maybe!

Here are some snow pictures for the day! :) Six inches and it's still snowing pretty good out there.

View of the front of the house:

Looking out that front door:

Totally Posed!:)

Andrew trying to catch some snowflakes!

Luke making a snow angel! :)

Andrew showering himself with snow from the branches!

It was Luke's idea!

Stitching pictures tomorrow! :) Unless, it's still a snow day!


Michele said...

what fun!!! enjoy the snow :)

Lisa said...

A snow day...how fun! Don't see that any more, living in CA. My boys have to go on hockey trips to the north or midwest to play in the snow! And don't stress over bloging family stuff - it is nice to see and get to know our stitching friends!
Lisa in CA

Cindy F. said...

Awesome pics!!

Connie B said...

Wow, you got more than we did! I had to work that day, and boy were the phones and radio hopping!!! People wrecking everywhere, lol!