Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Stitcher's Paradise

Last weekend, I was invited to my friend (MD)'s house for a weekend of stitching. Well, either that or I invited myself, not sure how the whole thing got started! MD decided to take Friday off, bless her heart, so we could start our busy schedule a little earlier!

There are a few rules to a Stitcher's Paradise: no cleaning and no cooking. MD has her spot on her couch, and I have my spot on her other couch and we don't move much from our areas! :) We did break the no cooking rule, we ate a pizza on Friday night. Other than that, we didn't use the oven or dishwasher!

I arrived on Friday morning about 10:00. I would have been there earlier, but I had to stop and buy some junk food, because MD likes to eat healthy! And, you know, I have to eat junkie! We did a little "show and telling and sharing" like usual and then started stitching! We did stop for a ham sandwich about 2:00, pizza at 6:00. Other than that, we stitched until 2:30 AM! Is that a perfect day or what?!

We went to bed for a few hours, and by 8:30 we were back in our spots for some more stitching! We did take a break this day: we each made a little mini cupcake pincushion. I did the stitching, MD did the stuffing. I didn't follow the directions (as usual) and MD had to help my poor little cupcake out! And we made fancy little pins. Can't wait to share and show them off! Boy they turned out cute! Krazy Glue is our new friend.

We ate another ham sandwich for lunch on Saturday. And for supper, well, I had Bugles and a banana, MD had a bowl of cereal. YUM! :) Then we decided we'd watch a movie (after stitching and talking for about 30 hrs, we ran out of stuff to say-sort of!) We put in a second movie, Runaway Bride, about 12:30am. I'm not saying who, but one of us might have been snoring by the end of this movie! I know how the movie ended, so it probably wasn't me doing the snoring! We went to bed Saturday around 3:00AM.

Slept in a little on Sunday, until 9:00 and immediately went to our spots. Well, maybe I ate a bowl of cheerios! I think I did actually. We stitched until I got a phone call around 2pm, that my family was heading home. That was my clue that my party was over!

I stitched the whole weekend on Flower Power. Here's where I was when I got to MD's house:

Here's where I was when I left! (the model didn't want to be seen!)

Oh wait, there he is!

MD stitched a bunch of cute little ornaments...I'm not sure how she always finds cuter ones than I find. Friday night she started and finished LHN Hen Party! Talk about a cute pattern! Love it!

I ended the weekend by frogging what I stitched the last hour! That darn FP has really similar symbols!! See that tall pink flower? Well, there was another one there until I realized the symbols were different! DUH!

Have you heard about those neat Witman tins?

Well we decided we needed to make one for ourselves! But did you know they come like this?

Trust me, I am working really hard on this project!

Don't worry, there's another layer left to work on! :)

MD and I figured we could have easily stitched another full day, if we wouldn't have been disowned by our DH's! Hopefully we'll do it again soon! Gotta love three days full of stitching!

I have more to show...have you heard of the Secret Garden scissor case?! I'll show you over the weekend. I don't want to overload this post!

Okay, fine...I'll give you a little hint!

Okay, so maybe I'm feeling chatty tonight! Here's the last picture, I promise!! :) This was a picture my family took, to show our new shirts off to the person who gave them to us! But it turned out to be a pretty good picture, so thought I'd share!

*edited to add pictures!*


Carolyn NC said...

Wow - oh wow - how cool to have a friend that you can take a weekend to do that kind of marathon stitching! It looks fantastic, Secret Garden and FP - great pics of your family, too!

Kathy A. said...

That sounds like a great deal of fun Sara. I love the diet for the weekend and would sign up for that one any time. Great stitching progress.
Love the family photo.

Stef said...

What a fantastic weekend! I have Secret Garden in my UFO pile, it's been year's since I stitched on it! Maybe seeing your progress will get me moving on mine again!

Cindy F. said...

Great post! What a fun weekend!! and your wip looks amazing girl!! Love the family pic too!

Susan said...

I love Flower Power. The weekend seems like such a great chance to really make some progress on it!