Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Official: I'm Old

I bought a pair of shoes today for comfort, not for style! Yup, I'm old!

I've been needing a pair of brown sandals for a long time, two years actually! I just refuse to pay $30 for a pair of sandals. Plus I wanted a pair that could be casual or dressy! You know, sandals are a must in the south! I kept looking and looking, but never found anything.

So today, I had an empty 30 minutes, so I stopped into Kohls. (gotta love their sales!) I went just to the shoe department, and I found a few pairs of shoes. Size 9's are hard to find in clearance! Trust me... Two pairs were very cute, and one pair was, well, not as cute. But boy were they ever comfortable! So after trying on all three pairs, numerous times.. I picked the not so cute ones! I wore them all day today, and boy were they comfortable! Cute? Nah, not really!

Now these shoes were $60.00 marked down to $14.99, so you didn't expect I could walk out with just one pair did you? So I bought the other really cheap pair. I left the cutest ones there...I'm sure my feet will thank me some day!

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Jade said...

If that's the definition of old, I was born old. :) And so were all of us. I think we are brainwashed into wearing uncomfortable things during our teen years, but we come to our senses later. If it happened to you too, it means you're smart and not old.