Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Few Little Finishes

DH and both boys had plans for the weekend, which left me all alone for hours at a time!!


I found this free pattern online just this weekend. But I can't seem to find it on the website anymore! In fact, I printed four or five off of that website just this weekend, that aren't there any more. This is one of them, I just loved the saying "Seize the Daisy". Now I like things small, but I'm thinking this is way too small. It's probably 1 inch by 2 inches, a little pin cushion. I stitched it over one, I'm thinking I might stitch it again and make a bigger pin cushion out of it.

For the back, I took their S from the front and used it for my initial on the back. It's a cute S too, usually S's are the ugly letter for some reason! I changed all the colors around, so they'd match my turquoise fabric better.

Last year, I saw this fob finished on some blog out there in blogland! It's different parts of a pattern from Fall Crazy by Lizzie Kate. Isn't it cute!?



Side: (I did 3 beads every other stitch while I was combining the little fob. I LOVE it! :) I wish I would have remember not too make the cord so long, ah wel...it can't be perfect!)

This is a tiny little pattern off of a Prairie Schooler pattern. I made a little thread fob, what do you call those things? I might stick the red hook back on there, but I kind of like the white.

My boys HATE bedtime. So whenever possible on Friday nights we let them stay up as late as they want. There are only two rules:

1. No fighting
2. No bugging Mom

Thankfully my 12 yr old has figured out when he's tired to go to his own bed and fall asleep!

My younger son hasn't quite figured it out yet! Last week DH found him at the computer desk, sound asleep with a pillow placed over the keyboard! This weekend I found him like this! He was reading his Star Wars book and fell asleep!

Remember the Sisterhood pattern that I won last week? I finished two RR's that I needed to stitch last night, so I have starting the pattern. I'm stitching it over one, so it will take a little bit longer. Hang around, I'll have my drawing soon. I've had lots of new readers since I won that little pattern. You guys aren't all going to leave me after the drawing, are you? :)

Happy Stitching!


Jill said...

Hi Sara,
I'm not going to leave you after you are done with the Sisterhood pattern. I have you on my blogroll now. Your Prairie Schooler sleigh is a Floss Tag. I love them! Yours is very cute. I like your witch too. Have a great day!

Tracey said...

Cute finishes!! I won't leave after your drawing, I love a good stitchy blog!

omashee aka Barb said...

Heavens no, Sara! Your blog is great, I won't leave. Love your latest finishes.

Daffycat said...

Wow, Sara...wonderful little finishes! I really love the Daisy pincushion! I searched for the old freebies on the Archive WayBack Machine but it couldn't find them :( I am pretty sure I have them saved already though.

Kathy A. said...

Ahh very nice little finishes. They are so cute.
Love the photo of your son asleep with his book in hand.
I think I'll stick around lol

Angela said...

Cute finishes.

It must be a boy thing. My son can fall asleep anywhere.

Andrea said...

Great finishing. Love the floss ring tag.

Diane said...

You're in my reader to stay!

Carolyn NC said...

Love your finishes! Your boys are too cute!

Meari said...

Great finishes! I just love the photos of your boys sleeping. Too cute.