Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lots of Pictures

Okay, so I got busy doing some finishing work! Not the best job, but I'm getting better, I think! Most of these have been stitched for a long time...(some for a year! shh!) The rabbit set I actually stitched and finished within two weeks.. now isn't that great?!

It's really little, the oval box is only about 3 inches long and 2 1/2 inches high.

This is a tiny needlebook, it hold two needles! And the other is a case for scissors! I need to find 2 1/2 inch scissors!

The design on the box goes all the way around! And this is the back of the needlebook.

This was out of an old magazine. It's not exactly the buttons it called for. It called for buttons that were $5 each and from SOUTH AFRICA! :) So I went for the 3 for $1.25 buttons at Joann Fabrics! I was a little worried that they didn't have any legs, so at the last second I decided to just stitch some legs on there!

It was supposed to be finished as a cigar box purse, but I've come to realize (after three purses) that I don't use stitched purses! So when I saw just the cigar box, I figured that was perfect! I'm going to keep needlebooks and stuff in there.

This is a really old finish! It was one of my first needlebooks, and one of my very favorites! It was sitting there while I was taking pictures, so I just snapped a shot of it!

I loved this needlebook. But the pattern was a pill to read! It's by Rabbit Works. This is the front cover. I used perle cotton for the cording.. I think I'll use that's so sparkly!The lettering is all over one.

This is the inside! It also needs a pair of 2 1/2inch scissors to put in the basket under the tree. All the little pears are stitched over one. The basket is a seperate piece I attached and then the door is seperately attached too.. I stuck a few needles behind it! The green ribbon will tie the scissors onto the book.

You were supposed to put your initials on the back, but mine are so boring: SSS So I used the first initial of everybody in my family! :)

I first saw this biscornu on somebody's blog! I have to admit.. I like hers better! Wish I would have used a dyed thread instead of ecru. But it's what I had! The two fabrics are R&R I think. We got them at an LNS for .50 each! At a different LNS we had seen a biscornu with the front and back a different color.. so I thought I'd try that too! Not sure I like that either! Plus the thing is so big...but when I was doing all the finishing stuff yesterday, I used it for a pin cushion and that worked great. So maybe it'll be fine! I don't love the button, it hides a lot of stitching..but it'll work until I find something better.

Last but not least! Something about a new project with the fabric and pattern ready, makes me want to start it as soon as possible! So after our last trip to the LNS, I got this project to start! I'm stitching two of them, at the same time (not literally!) It's a pain, actually! Lots of confetti stitches, 1/4 stitches, random stitches, backstitching...but it's gonna be cute!

It's on WDW fabric pumpkin. I love the color of it, but it seems so flimsy or something. It's hard to get my stitches to lay right on it. It came with the checkered lining fabric in the picture, but I found the other fabric in my pile of fabric scraps. I have to still stitch some parts in purple on the pattern, so we'll see which one works best!

Hope you Enjoyed!


Cindy F. said...

Sara! They are all beautiful!
I love the duck feet stitched and the colors!
Great finishes :)
Cindy F.

riona said...

Great finishes ... doesn't it feel great to tackle that pile of "stitched but not sewn" and make something beautiful and useful? I am whittling my own pile of sewing finishes down right now so I can imagine the satisfaction you must be feeling. I like your biscornu and, whle it would have a totally different look in an overdye, I think the ecru gives it the elegant simplicity of a really fine piece of vintage lace. If you are looking for some small buttons that won't obscure so much of your stitching ... there was another post on 123stitch today about a great button site ... I believe it was called Farmhouse Buttons ... they had lots of very tiny mother of pearl buttons that you might like.

Debbie said...

Wow! You have been very busy, great finishes!


Marion said...

Great finishing!! I've never tried needlebooks, or any of great work!!!

I got my matchbox today! It came in a two pack at the grocery store....i was about $1.79 for two, so pretty cheap!


becca said...

wow sara, you have been busy. Everything looks great. My fav is the pear tree. Hope you find the scissors you need for it.

Cathy B said...

Hey Sara - I think all of your finishes are fabulous! I really like the two-toned biscornu too.

Paisley said...

Great finishing! Everything looks fabulous!

I have the same Just Nan kit you are working on... it really is a cute one. I need to get the fabric still, but I know what you mean about the WDW linen being "flimsy".

staci said...

OMGosh! I don't know where to begin. ALL of your finishes are gorgeous! The oval box set is stunning! And the needlebooks are drool-worthy as well!!!

Andrea said...

You have been busy! Great finishing, you have made some beautiful items.

Margaret said...

Wow. You are awesome.

I love the needle books. And the ducks are waaaaaay cute!

saras said...

Thanks everybody! :)

Monsoon said...

Nice Bricks on the house!

wendy said...

I just love your needlebooks. Could you tell me the pattern of the old finish that you did? It's adorable!