Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unfortunately Sara....

So I was over at Monique's blog and she suggested that you go to Google and type in "unfortunately" followed by your first name....

Here is my favorite one:
"Unfortunately, Sara's is trying to be too many things and ends up being mediocre overall."


Luke was back to school today for a half day. And tomorrow is a full day of field trips, which I volunteered for. Today I learned it is going to be a two mile walk/hike back to the "rock" and two miles back! What was I thinking??!!! I prefer the mall field trips!

He's not patiently waiting for me to come lay down with him for a few minutes, it's our Wednesday night ritual!

I've been finishing lots of ornaments, I'll post some pictures soon. Sure wish I was more creative! I'd still rather be stitching then finishing!!

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Carolyn NC said...

Too funny - I checked it out - lookee what I found.....

"Of course Carolyn's weight didn't increase overnight – it was a gradual process ... Unfortunately Carolyn's isn't an isolated story."

haha, but ouch! - unfortunately for this Carolyn - too true!!