Monday, October 12, 2009

Ornament Finishes

So I was a little worried that nobody would find my blog to sign up for the Traveling Stitcher! But guess I was wrong! I'll have a name to pass it along to by Friday.

I have a huge pile of stitched ornaments that have got to be finished! So I did a few this weekend. I am feeling a little more comfortable...I even sewed my trim on! I'm so proud of myself, I usually use fabric glue! (shh)

This poor little guy has been sewn and ready for almost a year, all I needed to do was sew the opening closed. Then I found this little ribbon and decided to add that instead of my usual cording! He's from an old JCS ornament issue.

This lovely guy was a freebie from Daffycat! I tried a few different combos for the cording before I got it about right.

This is a freebie out there somewhere, both are backed with the same fabric. Wasn't it a perfect match? I probably should have used a lighter brown for the reindeer, but I stitched him before I saw the fabric.

This little guy was a freebie on the internet. The pictures don't do it much justice! The fabric is a dyed brown with little spots of pink, and the thread matches it just perfectly. The four sides are stitched, a freebie online. The top and bottom are empty.

Oops I can see I need to push some pins down!

Everyone needs a stitched cherry pie, right? This has been stitched a long time, but took forever to find the right size pan! And to make the cording fit right, etc! I have no idea what to do with it, I just wanted it! :) It's from an old magazine, not sure which one!

This is my first circle EVER! I'm still trying to decide what to do with the edges, I'm going to ask my friend MD tomorrow.

My mom was here for a few days, and we took a bunch of stuff to the framers! She called and they are ready, after only about five days at her shop. I'm going to go pick them up tomorrow and meet MD for lunch! :)

Stitching and friends, can't beat that!


Tammy said...

wow those are awesome finishes!! I luv the cherry pie its soo cute!! I am just starting to work on my ornaments.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - fantastic finishes!

Daffycat said...

The Traveling Pattern is getting so popular! I can't wait to see where she travels next!

Holy cow, so many wonderful finishes! The pie is hilarious!

Vicky L said...

All the stitching looks so pretty. The cherry pie looks like it may be from Jeramiam Junction. It looks like their kind of style. It is very cute. I cant wait to see what MD suggest for the last ornie.

Anonymous said...

That's another great thing about the travelling stitcher - as you follow her around blogland you also get to visit some new-to-you blogs, and find some real treasures :) Your ornie finishing is awesome - I especially love the ribbon chosen for Heartfelt Harvey, it's just a perfect match, but they're all beautiful! :D

Kathy A. said...

Your finishes are lovely. I stitched that pie too but in my book it is an apple pie - go figure. I thought it would make a pincushion. Waiting with bated breath to see who the new sister will be.

Lelia said...

beautiful stitching AND finishing!

Tracey said...

Great finishes! I have a ton of stitched ornaments that need to be finished too.. I was just looking at them last night..

Shari said...

oh my!!!! That cherry pie looks wonderful!!!!! Yum!!! Makes me want to make one, even thou it was apple pie filling that I made today!!