Friday, February 27, 2009

Flower Power

Yup, I started it!!! What is it with starting new things? This week I've started four new projects!! It took forever for me to finally decide on and buy the fabric!! And when it arrived yesterday, I just had to start it! Worked on it for a few hours, and there's hardly anything done! I took some pictures, but have to much to do today to load them!

Gotta get my new Friendship RR in the mail. And sew up a little pillow for my friend and get that in the mail.

DH and I leave tomorrow at 6:30AM! (ugh) for Honduras! We're only going for a few days, but the 80+ weather we'll have will be great for a change! We've got a ton of work to do in a few days to get ready for our trip this summer.

DH took both boys to the Hurricane Hockey game last night (in Raleigh) I was ALL ALONE!!! Yeah for me!! :) They had a great time, and I did too!

Happy Weekend!


Lisa said...

Hurricane Hockey! Yahoo! Hockey, hockey, hockey. Sorry couldn't resist - for my world revolves around it! Hope they enjoyed it. If my son's team wins the District Championship next weekend, we will be heading to NC for Nationals. Nationals are in Indian Trail, NC which looks like it is near Charleston, NC. I have relatives in Raliegh who I hope will be able to come over if we are there in April. Maybe we can meet? On another quick note...I love the photo of you and your aunt learning to stitch. It is a priceless photo!

Carolyn NC said...

Hope your trip this weekend was good. Congrats on the Flower Power start - such a pretty design....and that specialty material! Beautiful