Friday, February 20, 2009

A busy week

Where did the week go?! Hmm? Anybody?!

#1 We have a slight scheduling conflict at our house today! Andrew is in middle school and they get out at 2:15, Luke is in elementary and they get out at 3:45. Usually it works just fine, Andrew and I head to school to pick up Luke about 3:20. Well, Andrew wants to stay after school to watch a teacher vs. middle school team basketball game. Sounds like fun, right? Well, it ends at 3:30. Which just creates a real problem at our house! :) If I wait until 3:40 to go to the school to get Luke, I will wait in line at least 45 minutes and he will be the last child picked up and he will be furious! (trust me, I know!) If I pick Andrew up early at 3:20, then he misses most of the game and he will be furious!!

The middle school is only about a mile from our house, and I might have considered letting Andrew walk home... IF we hadn't just had an ARMED HOME BREAK-IN directly across our street this Wed! So that's out of the option...

So Luke has the perfect solution: "Hey Mom! You could just come early and sit in the car pick up line and be the first one to get me." (this will mean a 45 minute wait for ME!) Luke continues on with his solution:"You could bring your IS what you do best!"

Should I be offended? LOL

#2 I can't find anything to stitch! I have a million choices... but nothing was feeling right this week! I finally decided to stitch a nativity pattern by Erica Michaels that I've sort of been wanting to stitch. Actually, when I bought it, I wasn't even sure I liked it! But I was afraid if I didn't buy it..I'd want it really bad and not be able to find it! So I started it... and I do like it! But then I went to CVS and bought two chocolate heart boxes and so I really wanted to start that candybox pattern from the old cross-stitch magazine! So now I have two new WIP's to add to the ever growing pile!

#3 And I finally ordered the fabric for Flower Power and am anxiously waiting for that to come, so I can get started on the big Flower Power. And that's probably how my problem with #2 started!

#4 I started my Friendship Sampler RR...finally! I'm the grand leader of this thing, and I think I was the last to get started! We mail the end of this month, so about time!

#5 I'm going to our church tonight to help the youth babysit for the adults that are watching a movie: Fireproof (?-I think) Mike (DH) and Luke will stay home and do something because according to Andrew it is WAY too embarrassing to have your entire family show up to a youth event! Do ya think he remembers what his Dad does for a job??! (works with youth all summer, for those who don't know!) I told Andrew the other day, that I realize we've reached the point where I embarrass my kid..but to rest assured he had embarrassed me a million times! He said to tell him five times: Hmm.. I couldn't think of any! Guess that was Luke! Course I didn't tell him that!

I'll take pictures soon.. promise! Have a great weekend! This is our one and only weekend where something isn't planned through the end of May!!


Kathy A. said...

Love your son's comment on "That is what you do best". From the mouth's of babes.
You are just starting your sampler now. That cracks me up. Thank goodness you are our fearless leader. LOL LOL LOL
Looking forward to seeing your choices for your sampler

Patti said...

What a busy busy lie you have. For once I think I'm glad I'm in the older generation now and don't have all that confusion in my life. Love what Luke's comment about your stitching being the best thing you do. Patti xxx

Carolyn NC said...

Stitching sounds like fun! And nope, you're not the last to start the RR! My goal for today - I hope! I keep hearing that Fireproof is awesome, but haven't gotten around to seeing it yet. Your DS will live through his parents being around. LOL