Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who sent me a package?

Somebody sent me a wonderful little collection of charts. You had emailed me to let me know it was coming, and your email seems to have disappeared! I'd love to give you a formal thank you, but I can't find your email! Hopefully you'll read this and email me?!

I started three new things! I can't help it! I started this first, then I started Scatter Christmas and while I'm waiting on the threads to finish those, I started the snowman storybook. The scatter patterns were my present in November from Pigeon Forge. They are gonna be so cute! :) Quick and easy stitching, and I even received the buttons with the patterns! Yeah! But while I am waiting for the threads, I started the snowman pattern. It's the one on the bottom in the picture. There are three individual patterns that you finish like in an ornament, and then you somehow connect the three with ribbon. Not sure how to do that w/o ruining the fabric, but I'll worry about that later!

Thanks for all the great comments on my nativities! :) I do have the Jim Shore one, well I have Mary and Joseph and Jesus and the shepherds, no wisemen at that party! He makes a tall angel that has the nativity in her skirt, and I'd like to add that to the collection some day! There are a few in the cabinet that I want to take a better picture of: the Alaskan Igloo nativity, my matchbox nativity, Charlie Brown nativity and a few others. I don't have the Little People nativity and I really want that one! Wish I would have gotten in when the kids were little, but oh well! It's so cute! Maybe some day!

DH leaves tomorrow for six days! Hope the boys and I survive...or I mean I hope I survive the boys! Something like that! I told them since their dad would be gone for Valentine's Day they needed to take me out for dinner. Luke said, "Okay cool, Mom! Only one problem... can I borrow some money?"

I have a few more ornaments to share pictures of, and then I think I'm gonna retire the ornament stitching for a while, at least until I find another ornament I want to stitch! Remember that flamingo from JCS a few years ago? I really want to stitch that, but am having a horrible time finding Coral Wisper!

I haven't stitched anything big in a long time, or so it seems! I used to always have at least one big project in my bag! I have debated stitching Flower Power for a few years! I have the chart, just need to invest in some fabric! I think that's gonna be my purchase on my next trip to the LNS. I'm just gonna finish up what I've started and only buy the fabric for FP. Think that'll happen? :)


Marion said...

Enough already!!! Please stop showing me more charts! LOL
You always show me ones I haven't seen and I want them!!!

Have fun while DH is away!


Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like some fun stitching! Have fun and survive while DH is gone!

Sue said...

You've been very busy, aren't ornies just the absolute best for instant gratification! Why do so many of us wait so long to discover this! They're all great, and have done several of them myself:)

Sincerely, StitchinSweetSue