Monday, February 2, 2009


So I noticed the other day that this nativity has sticky stuff on the glass, so today I cleaned it. Then I thought I really like this little picture (about 3 by 5), I'll take a picture for my blog. Then I thought...I should take a picture of all my nativities, and the rest is history!:) Almost all of my nativities live in my little hallway half bath! Wierd, I know..but I love it! I also have random nativities throughout the house, so there are pictures of those too!

This is my new favorite shelf. It was perfect to set all my little nativities on.

The wall hanging on the top is hung with pins...shh don't tell! They are all of the Shepherd Bush's Christmas ornaments for the JCS Ornament issues from 2000. Except the first square, I made that up. And they are in order of the Biblical story, not the order they came out in the magazines.

Below that is a hand quilted little piece done by an old internet friends, it was a complete surprise and remains one of my favorites!

These hang on the wall beside the toilet! :)

The real obsession becomes obvious! Under the steps are all these shelves, which turned out perfect for all my nativities! :)

Here is a close up of the bottom shelf. On the floor are some figures from an old magazine pattern. This shelf are the ones that kids can get into!:) Veggie Tales, Playmobile, and the nativity Luke made for a class presention. The one is from Uganda and is made of banana leaves, it shouldn't be on that shelf! :)

The next shelf up: The little one in the front left is from Columbia (an army soldier brought it back for me!), the silver is from Honduras, next is handmade in Brazil, and the last is my lastest from my sister.

On the top shelf: the redish one is from Uganda, next is a handpainted one from is a stacking doll with all Nativity themed pieces inside. (skip one) The solid figure is from Egypt! My cousin lived there for a year and got it for me. Next is from Peru, a church member had her mom get it for me as a surprise! It's hand painted inside a gourd, the lid is open.

This is for the pictur above: In the basket are little bells, from Cancun Mexico. That black are thimbles from Vietnam. (I cheated on that one and got it at a local US store!), the little bell is from Amsterdam, the wooden in the back is a handcarved Russian stacking doll, the gold one is real gold from Spain! It was my only present from my parents, they went to Spain last year. That big one is my favorite! :) My MIL picked it out all by herself. It is little children dressed up like in a play, you can see their tennis shoes sticking out of the outfits, and the camel has two kids in it!
If for some reason you need to actually use the bathroom, this is the view you'll see! Nothing really special about them. The largest on the left was my present from the choir I played piano for when we left our last church. It is by Willow Tree.

A few little pillows, aren't the snowman funny?

And these sit on my little nativity stool in the corner.

You are now free to leave the bathroom! :) Right arond the corner is my grandma's old hutch. It is home to the rest of my nativities. You can see the Precious Moments one, my mom gave me that on my first Christmas as a married lady! It started the whole thing! I think you can see the bear nativity that was my second one, from my brother the next Christmas. Then I thought, hmm I should collect these! And look what happened! You can't really see it, but behind the doors is an Alaska themed nativity that sits inside an igloo! And a few snowglobes across the bottom and a bunch more!

Above my couch hangs my real pride and joy! :) The Marbek Nativity!

And on the way upstairs, in the worse location ever sits the very expensive Willow Tree nativity. My mom gave it to me a few Christmases ago. The poor thing is lucky to have survived! My dad broke Joseph and smashed his staff to pieces, my FIL broke the shepherd head off, a little boy I was babysitting dropped the large shepherd and he broke into tons of pieces (the shepherd, not the little boy) The boy looked at me and said, "Mrs. Sara you didn't put that in a very good location!" Well, no duh!! And just today, compliments of ME the wiseman's head fell off! I hand my hands full of laundry and figured I'll grab the dust shirt with my toes and toss it down the stairs. Simple right? Except it landing on the tallest wiseman, knocked him off the shelf, down the stairs, onto the hard wood floor where the poor thing was decapitated! Long live Mary, so far so good with her!!!

So there you have it! The mostly complete collection! I have a few xstitches in the works! :) Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Suzanne said...

Wow, now that's a lot of nativity scenes. I only have one!

I love how you stitched all the Shepherd's Bush pieces from the JCS magazines, it's beautiful.

Carolyn NC said...

I love nativities - yours are beautiful!

Marion said...

Wow!!!! You have incredibly unique nativities!! I loved the tour Sara!!!
Thank you so much for sharing! What a wonderful collection!!
I actually have stitched a couple of the pieces you have, and am working on another.

Take care

Vonna said...

All I have to say is: It is absolutely wonderful! I think it is just stupendous. I keep two holy family statues out all year long and one is the Jim Shore one...I don't think you have that one? I didn't see it's gorgeous Sara, you must get that one too! :o) Plus I'm wanting (badly) the Jim Shore Nativity Set...I'll get it next year hopefully!

Marion said...

Sara, I posted a link from my post today to this one...I know some of my readers would love to see your nativities!
Take care


Sandy said...

Wow Sara. I followed Marion's link to your blog and your nativity's are beautiful. I love them all. You have done an outstanding job in stitching and collecting them. Great job.

Kathy A. said...

What a lovely collection and how beautifully displayed.Thanks for sharing. Your stitched pieces are all so lovely too and really fit with your theme.
I have a lovely nativity that my DH brought home from Israel all in olive wood.

maggiegracecreates said...

can you trell me where to find the pattern for the picture over your shelf - the city scape that begins "years ago..." that is beautiful

Milly~ said...

Gorgeous. I love nativities and have a few but nothing has spectacular as your collection. I just might get there some day. Thanks for sharing...and inspiring.

Shari said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!!! You have so many wonderful pieces there. What a wonderful collection! I see many pieces that I have the patterns for!!!

Marian said...

I have the Marbek Nativity but haven't stitched it. Maybe yours will inspire me!

Cindy F. said...

I am awe struck!! Wow!! Your nativity collection is incredible and beautiful! All of it! And I can't believe how much of it fits in your bathroom! It must be huge!!
I saw a lady a couple of weeks ago at the LNS working on her Marbek Nativity. She's doing it on black fabric. Your's is amazing!! If I went in your bathroom, I'd be in there a very long time!! Beautiful collection and stitchings!

LoriRay said...!!! Your nativity sets ROCK! All those stitched pieces...all those, I am amazed! Thanks for sharing all the photos, even if you did have to take me into your bathroom. LOL ;-)

Shelleen said...

my god you have a huge natavity collection. Thanks for sharing.

Sonda in OR said...

WOW! That's a really neat collection! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Oooh... I love your nativity collection!