Monday, February 2, 2009

A few finishes

So yesterday, I was reading the 123mb and I ran across this post, that gave a link to this free pattern for hearts! So I just figured, I really needed to do that! A really quick stitch, and a lot of fiddling with the edging later, and here it is! I need to get a keychain to attach to the top and then I"m gonna put it on my stitching bag.

The initial I used is from my grandma's old stitching book! I like to use it whenever I get a chance!

This pattern is from a french site somewhere out there! I had it printed it off years ago, I think. Anyway, I made one for a little Valentine exchange and then I liked it so much, I made myself one. Then I remembered I had pink scissors! :) Perfect!

It's tiny, only about one inch square. I made the cording with three different colors of DMC Perle Cotton. Cute, huh?

A lady on the 123mb knows a woman who lost a twin baby boy soon after birth. So they are making a memory quilt for her. Here is what I stitched, not sure why the fabric looks discolored, I think because I took the picture on the wooden table.

DH= MINUS 80 Pounds! Good for him, huh? I could never do it..I think he looks great!

And last but not least, here is what happens when you let a 9 year old play with your digital camera! You get TONS of pictures like this!!! Poor kid is home sick today, I can hear him hacking up a lung downstairs.

I took a picture of my nativity collection...I'll show that off later, maybe if Luke takes a nap or something!


Marion said...

I sear you stitch in your sleep!

How did your DH loose all that weight?? Did he follow a program, or do it on his own?

Aw....sorry your DS isn't well today!

And, I can't wait to see your nativity collection!!!!!!

saras said...

He met with a nutritionist through our insurance company at work, we have six of those a year. But he didn't start until later in the year, so he meet with her quite often. She taught him all about portion size and he realized how much he was really eating. So it's all been protion control and calorie counting and no sweets, period. Not even a bite!

Cindy F. said...

Congrats to your dh! He's doing an amazing job on his weight loss! He looks great! and that son of yours is just too darn cute!
Your stitching finishes are so cute! Good job! and Congrats on your beautiful finishes!