Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend Cancelled

And boy are my kids disappointed! Truth is, I'm a little disappointed myself. But parts of the state are already icy, so we just had to cancel to be on the safe side! We didn't really cancel, as much as we delayed it a few weekends!

So...we have a whole empty weekend in front of us...

A few weeks ago, I was ready Kathy's blog and she mentioned having this lighthouse RR that needed a few more lighthouses stitched on it. And since she's been so much fun in the Friendship RR that I am responsible for, I emailed her and said I'd stitch one for her.

Now she warned me, she really did! :) But this lighthouse has ten shades of white through dark grey! And that's just the main section of the lighthouse! And it is gorgeous! I'm not a big lighthouse person, but this RR is incredible!

So I've had to set FP aside, so I can finish my obligation to Kathy! So if I never go back to FP, I can blame it all on Kathy, right?
Here's FP the last time I stitched on it! :)

Here it is after last weekend. All those green leaves are a pain to stitch...well maybe boring is a better word to explain it.

Just need to finish that one stalk of pink flowers. Then add a bunch of white and pink daisies to sit on those leaves. Then I'm done!

Well, sort of done! I have to backstitch that entire piece. Add tons of french knots. Oh and did I mention all the bug and butterlies and hummingbirds that need to be added? They are all stitched over one! :)

We finally got snow! I know it's not much, but the boys love it anyway! Me? I'm cuddled up inside, stitching!

Why can't the boys never just stand still and take a picture? Seriously!

Ah, much better, and why couldn't we just do that in the first place?

Here's one of Luke wearing his new favorite hat!

This is a lot of snow for the south! :) So church is canceled tomorrow. Wouldn't be surprised if school is delayed on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!


Marion said...

Enjoy your free weekend!! Glad the boys got some snow! You should see what WE have, although not as much as last year..LOL
I've got a night of stitching planned here for myself, and maybe a movie with DH while I stitch.
Stay warm....
PS....WHEN we meet this year, one of the ladies that might join us is Josie...she did Flower Power a few years ago...I saw the progression of it...gorgeous!!!
Take care

Beatrice said...

Your FP is stunning and I want to tell you the Lighthouses are incredible...I am one of the stitchers to have had the privilege of putting one on there too.
She will be thrilled to have it done I'm sure.
Enjoy your weekend!

Mylene said...

The FP is looking beautiful!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sara, I stitched one of Kathy's lighthouses as well. Definately a labour of love to complete one of those.

Keep plugging away with Flower Power its a stunning piece!

Carolyn NC said...

I know what you mean about plans changing, but a fun change, nonetheless! If they don't at least delay school tomorrow, there is something seriously wrong. The backroads haven't all melted and it's going to be 10 degrees tonight.

Kathy A. said...

I really appreciate you stitching one of my lighthouses. You are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much.