Monday, January 18, 2010

I Survived!

Quite nicely, actually! In fact, when the 4th boy showed up, the other 3 started playing nicer together! They were supposed to leave at left at 4:30 and one left at 5:30. The other two never left! I think I've got about ten more years until that happens!

Due to MLK Day, both boys are home from school and DH is off work also! DH and I went grocery shopping and to the gym, and for the first time EVER both boys stayed home by themselves. Our oldest, 12, had just started staying home alone this year. Our youngest, 10, has never stayed home alone or with his brother. But surprisingly, they did so well, that we might actually be able to leave them alone a little bit! The problem is that the 12 year old likes to stay home ALL by himself, which would obviously not include a brother! :)

It's a long story, that I'll tell you some day, but Luke is fascinated with Canada and all things Canadian! Yesterday I stitched him up an itty bitty bear, toting a Canadian flag. I need to put it together, make some cording, stuff the thing, and hang it on his door.

Then I was reading Mylene's blog and saw that she stitched this freebie! Perfect for Valentine's day! And such a quick stitch, that I started it yesterday! Hope to finish it completely tonight. Won't cording with the green and pink together be pretty?

Last, but not least, I really want some of these cute little tags. My stitchy friend gave me some great ones that have one word on them: faith, believe, love I think! I need to look at them more closely, obviously! Sorry, stitchy friend! But I'd love to have some "made with love" ones! I can't seem to find them anywhere around here. Anybody know where I can get them?

Tomorrow, after the gym, I'm calling an "Selfish Sara day"! I'm sending DH to work, kids to school, and I'm going to sit, stitch and maybe even watch a movie! That's the plan, let's see if it works! I'll post some pictures tomorrow!


Diane said...

Does Luke's fascination with Canada have anything to do with the shows on the Cartoon Network? My son, also 12, keeps telling me he wants to go to some beach in Canada to learn to surf because he's "seen" it on some cartoon. We live 15 minutes from Malibu, and he wants to go to CANADA to learn to surf?!? LOL!

stitchinfiend said...

I is nice to arrange to have some ME time just to stitch and do what you like. Enjoy it.

Mylene said...

I love those small charm too but can't find it here.
Looking forward to see your version with the freebie, enjoy your ME time!

LindataxPA said...

Sara (and others) - The little charms are available at Nordic They are $3.50/pkg; the gold ones come in 70 to a pkg and there are nickel ones in 75 piece packages. There are also little charms that say made for you if you don't like made with love. The item numbers are 7521, 7522 and 7523 respectively.