Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Okay, enough of this snow and cold! I live in the south, for heaven's sake! :)

Today is the second snow day, for my boys! No announcement for tomorrow yet, at the most, I think they might have a two hour delay. *Updated! School canceled today for the THIRD DAY!* Some of the side roads are still really icy. So we'll watch the evening news and see what the announcement is!

I have NOT given up on FP! :) But there was another pattern I needed to stitch really quickly! Remember the one with the different threads I was deciding between!? I decided to go with the less bright varigated thread. But when I had stitched the first letter, well it just looked kind of boring!

Then I thought I'd try the color it called for, Turkey Feathers, and thought maybe I would like it better after I actually stitched with it. Nah, too dark and blah, not what I was thinking!

So I stitched a bit with the much brighter thread, and really love how it turned out! I left off the border, and will just make it into a fun little pillow for my friend.

I stitched as much as I could, and ran out of thread! DUH! :) So I've ordered more, and hopefully it matches EASILY! We'll see! When it's finished it will say, "Well behaved women rarely make history!"

So I ran out of thread last night around 11:00pm, and didn't want to go to bed! So I picked up a little Valentine's freebie I saw Mylene stitch! It was such a quick stitch! :) I just used some Victorian Motto red thread and the brown is a Crescent Colors, I think! Want the pattern?

Remember the original thread my pattern called for....Turkey Feathers. (a silk thread) What else could I use it for? How about a Turkey Freebie!? So I'm a little early for the season, but the Turkey is cute!! :) The pattern for him is on the same page as the Valentine's pattern.

Back to FP!


Mylene said...

You sure been very productive with your stitching, great colour choices and congrats on the Valentine finish. I have another one to post soon, but you have probably sen it already as it was stitched by many lately.

CindyMae said...

Your stitching looks wonderful!

stitchinfiend said...

Lovely stiching. Isn't it awful to run out of thread.

Eva said...

So, Sara, what are you planning to do with the Valentine freebie? Do you think you need more than one of this design?