Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flower Power Update

Don't be shocked! :) I finally finished the tall pink foxglove flowers:

I am working on my last batch of flowers! The greenery and leaves are all done, just need to fill in these pink and white flowers:

Here's the entire left side, I was sitting on the couch stitching last night when I decided to take a picture. I laid it on my lap and it stretched all the way to my toes! This thing is going to be huge!

I have tons and tons of backstitching to stitch, and lots of bugs, butterflies and hummingbirds. All this time I was thinking they were all over one! I was just really looking at the pattern last night, and all the hummingbirds are stitched over two! YEAH!! :)

I started this Feb 2009, so guess I've made a lot of progress!


Mylene said...

It is looking gorgeous!! It looks like you are nearly done with it.

omashee aka Barb said...


stitchinfiend said...

That is stunning. I have always loved this pattern

Carolyn NC said...

Great progress!