Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Really Messed Up!!

Last night around 6pm we got a phone call. Luke's best friend wanted Luke to come spend the night. Technically, in the land of Mommy Law's, I owed a sleepover because Luke had just spent the night there during one of our snow days. So instead of Luke going to his friend's house, the friend came here.

No Problem!

This morning, another friend calls and invites Luke to his house. Well, Luke can't go over there because he has a friend here. So that friend ended up at our house.

No Problem!

But I told DH, as he was on his way to Walmart.... "I really messed up!"

You see, I had two chances to have a quiet stitching day, and instead now I have three, ten year old boys running circles around me! :)

It's okay, so far we've made four official, laminated, name badges! (I messed Luke's up! Figures!) I got to throw rubber balls at Luke and his best friend. And we got to eat pizza bites for lunch!

Oh and I also pulled out my stove (nasty), pulled out my fridge (not so nasty), so all in all, a pretty productive day!

Course, since there are three ten year old boys playing Army outside, there is no telling when I'll be captured! Earlier, they said they were playing terrorists, and I asked Luke to take a few things to our back shed for me. He said, "Fine! We're terrorists with a heart!" Don't we wish they all had hearts? Thankfully they have moved past terrorists, and are now playing Army... with swords!?? Go figure!

Last night, Luke and his best buddy were watching a cartoon version of Star Wars. And his buddy says to Luke, "Oh, I just love this show!! It reminds me of my childhood!" WHAT?? This kid is ten! ha

Hope your afternoon is more quiet than mine will be! Dh is on his way home with our 12 year old! :)

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stitchinfiend said...

THe joys of being a Mum, enjoy them while you can cause before too long they will be grown up and gone.