Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lots of Pictures

I'm at a strange point in my life! :) Seems like nobody really needs me. My kids are getting to the point where they rarely need me to do something for them. (Unless, it's to thread their needles...more to come in a future post!) DH is settled in his job and doesn't seem to need my help much. We're at a new church and they don't seem to need any help. Luke's teacher is an awesome teacher and seems to completely have her act together. I volunteer a tiny, little bit...but not like I'd like too. I don't have family nearby, so can't help out much with that either! Kind of hard to babysit, when your nieces live in Alaska and you live in NC!

ANYWAY! I know it's just a phase, and I'm sure it won't last long. So for now, I've been spending my extra time stitching. And actually finishing! Believe it or not, my "to finish" pile is drastically reduced!

I stitched this Tulip Needle Book probably last year. I saw it at an LNS in SC, it was completely finished and sitting on their counter. Course I had to get it!



A little close-up. I love the blues in this pattern!


A friend gave me a chart for this project. Really it was just one night of stitching. All you stitch is the little pin cushion. It's stitched on both sides. Make the little needlebook, make the tassle (my first), and make the padding for the button of the tin. I only had tiny silver scissors, I need to find some 2 1/2" gold scissors. And the best part? The tin comes full of CHOCOLATE! Yummy!

Open it up and look inside: (almost as yummy as the chocolate!)

A little more close-up:

A different friend shared this pattern with me. It's by Just Nan and was a commemorative pattern, I think for a shop that had been open for 20 years? It was a fun stitch, though I'm not sure about the blue birds on the back! But I just love the inside. Don't tell anybody, but the flower isn't attached yet. Haven't got the right stuff to attach it.



This is all I can show you for now.. it's a gift for somebody special! :) But isn't that cording awesome?

This is by CherryWood Designs. I just love it! :) She designs the funniest things. Sadly, I showed it to my kids and they didn't get it! They said, "Are the reindeer stuck?" I said, "Look at the chimney!" I stitched this pattern last year, and did the finishing last week. I just realized I forgot to take a picture of it!

This is a pattern in the current JCS Ornament issue. I'm not sure I love it. I don't really like to use perforated paper. It doesn't seem like cross-stitch to me for some reason! I'm supposed to glue the green paper on to the back, but I'm not sure how to make sure the glue doesn't poke through all the holes on the front of the ornament. SO... there it sits!

I'm not sure the name of this pattern. MD and I call it "Tubby", but I'm sure that's not right. But come on...isn't he a cutie?! The finished picture has this ribbon of white pom-poms attached across the bottom only. It's really cute. I went to Joann's to get some, and they had lavendar, purple, black, brown, orange, yellow, lime green and pink pom-poms ribbon stuff. Course no red or white! Bummer! I'll have to wait on this one.

This is my current little project. I know, I know...I said I was going to work on Flower Power! But this little things just keep calling my name! I love Christmas stuff on pink for some cute! He is called Chilly's Gift. He was a freebie at Stitchy Kitty, here's a direct link.

My Tarheel Stitching group is having their Christmas Party this Saturday! Can't wait to go, it's gonna be a blast as usual!

Back to my other life: gotta clean out the Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge!


Lee said...

Beautiful, beautiful projects! Thank you for sharing all of your photos. Isn't it amazing what we can accomplish when we have just a little more time?

Kathy said...

Oh my. Each and every one is gorgeous! Your finishing is perfect. And I am pea green with envy. LOL

Enjoy your stitching time. I'm sure it won't last. :)

Paula C. said...

You have made so many beautiful things. Thanks for sharing pictures of them. It made me think of how many needlework smalls I have to stitch and now I am truly inspired. By the way, I can relate to your situation. My youngest got married in May and is graduating from AF Basic training next week and my daughter moved out last month. I am an empty nester now and not liking that much at all.

Tracey said...

Beautiful finishes!! I wish I had the finishing ability you have! Hmmm.. I wonder how far you live from me in NC? ha ha! You could show me how! Can't wait to see your Stitchy Kitty WIP finished- I love snowfolk!

Kathy A. said...

Oh Sara they are all so beautiful. I don't know which one I love the most.
Those little blue birds are just perfect on that one.
That reindeer is just the sweetest!
I coordianate a program that makes laprobes and wheelchair bags for a local nursing home. When I am there, someone is always wanting to chat. Try visiting there - you may be surprised.

Olga said...

wow your stitching is just soooooooooo beautiful !!! and your finishings are fantastic too!!! are an inspiration!
luv from olga. (uk)

Monsoon said...

I would say use spray adhesive for the perf. paper santa.

Is the present for ME?? I am someone special (short bus special lol.) I look forward to it on Sat!

CindyMae said...

Do you watch the George Lopez Show that comes on Nick@Nite? Well there is one episode where Georges wife feels like she is not needed anymore. So she starts volunteering her time for other things. Then the kids and George drive her crazy because they are always needing something and she realizes that she really is needed. I am sure that it will pass. I say that I always look forward to that day but everyone knows that I just say that. I will go nuts too!

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome stitching!

Mylene said...

WOW! All stitching looks awesome and perfectly finished. Well done!!!