Thursday, December 10, 2009

It Was a Miracle!!!

Really it was! I know this is the season and all, but this one I couldn't believe!

I was driving to the middle school to pick up my 7th grader, Andrew. In order to get in the car lane to pick up kids, you drive right past where they are all hanging out, do a u-turn, and get in the line. Complicated I know!

As I drove past yesterday, something very shocking happened!

Seriously. I hardly believed it when I saw it myself!


And he was even standing with a bunch of other kids, and beside a girl.... friend. (Not a girlfriend! A girl, who is his friend!)

AND HE WAVED AT ME! And he was even smiling....

What? He acknowledged my existence in front of his peers!

Who said this wasn't a season for miracles!

Miracle #2 at our house?! Luke, who despises any type of writing, who falls apart at the mere mention of writing homework....wrote FOUR PAGES of a story last night, all creative writing. And it was good too!! Not one meltdown, not one whine-y word!

At school today, his teacher randomly called kids to read their stories. One of the kids at his table didn't get called and Luke said, "Mom, he had a TOTAL meltdown!"

Kettle meet Pot!

I asked him how that made him feel, and he said, "It's annoying, Mom!"

Please let it be a break through!!!

Last night, Luke told me about a game he read about called: "I love you because __________"

I almost cried when he said to me, "I love you because you always forgive me!"

Wah, sob, what?! Can we all say it together?! That one's going in his journal for sure!


Kathy A. said...

And that's when we remember how much we love them and why they fill our heart with joy!

CindyMae said...

I was doing really well until I read the last couple lines of this post and now I am teary eyed! Thank you for sharing!

Tracey said...

How precious!!! :)

Carolyn NC said...

How awesome - makes you realize there's hope for us all. Actually, it's all very sweet. I love your DS's response.

Lisa said...

Gifts like those makes all the unconditional love we show them worthwhile :) and makes all those difficult times disappear from our memories.