Monday, November 16, 2009

Want to Join a Free SAL?

Somehow, I ran across this blog. You know how you follow different blogs here and there, and somehow I ended up on this one! She's my new friend! :) We've emailed a few times and we are working on an exchange idea.

But, she posted a SAL that she was going to start. Of course, I couldn't be left out of the plan! So here is my SAL so far. I'm stitching it over 2 on 36 ct fabric, it was just a scrap, I'm not sure what it is! But I'm using Victorian Motto Threads. Green for the border and red for what goes in the boxes.

Have you used these? Ooh, yummy! The yummiest part might be the price, but the threads are yummy too! She's from the US, but I was first introduced to them in an exchange with Gaby in Germany. Then someone from our Friendship RR, in the Netherlands, included them in with her project. She mainly sells on ebay. You might want to check her out!

The SAL just took one little short evening of stitching! Lots of counting to get this part all lined up right, but it's gonna be easy-sneezy from here on out!


Cindy F. said...

How fun! Awesome start Sara! Can't wait to watch your SAL progress:)

Carol R said...

What a lovely SAL! I'm tempted to join in!

Tiziana said...

Thank you Sara!!!! It's very nice to see it stitched by you! I am so proud! And I see also that you are ready for the second part, which is going to be published on Wed! Keep on stitching!!! Cheers from Italy! Tizy

CindyMae said...

Gorgeous progress!!