Monday, November 23, 2009

Ready for Some Pictures??!!

One of the things I treated myself to on our shopping trip was this humbug by Just Nan. It's pretty hard to take a picture of such a funny shaped object! I really like it, it was really simple to put together. Just connect the backstitches around the edges.

And the little owl pin is adorable, but he seems little top heavy to me.

Aren't the leaves pretty too?

Can't show you too much of this one! I finished this up this weekend too. But it's part of a Christmas gift, so you'll have to wait a little bit on this one. It's gonna get a laugh, that's all I can say!

This is the little freebie that I found online. I chose three colors from the leaves, to make the cording. I like how it turned out!

This was supposed to be a fob. It came as a kit, and it was one of the projects I finished on our stitching weekend a few weeks ago.

But the darn thing is huge! I made it into an ornament instead.

So this was my big project the last few days. I started and finished this over the long weekend. It is by With My Needle. The mermaids are all tent stitches. Except, I did a full cross stitch for the skin. The tent stitch seemed fine for the hair, fish and lighthouse, but I liked the skin better with a full stitch. Anyway, this is the front cover: (I still need to get something to close it with)

This is the back: (There is supposed to be cording around the edges, but I don't know.. I think I like it w/o the cording.)

And when you open it, it looks like this:

It's really not done correctly! :) There is only supposed to be the hearts and the seahorse and the border. The fishes go on the inside of the pocket. But you can't really see them there, and the seahorse seemed kind of lonely! So I moved the fish up one panel. There is only the border inside the pocket.

The fob is all put together, but it's not closed yet. I need to make trim and a tassel, and I'm waiting for the seahorse charm to arrive.


Last night, I decided to go back to my Flower Power. I love stitching little things, but I need to put some work into FP. Dh handed me my camera, and I looked down and saw this in my lap, so I took a picture! Kind of dark, isn't it?! I need a stitching lamp, don't you think?

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! :) Thanks for stopping by!


Vonna said...

My goodness! What a lovely bunch of finishes. I used to stitch lovely things and show people, dazzle I can't find the time to comb my hair, seems like :)
I guess I'll just have to look at your finishes and slobber all over myself!

Daffycat said...

Goodness, Sara! You have such wonderful finishes to share today. My favorite is the hedgehog fob. It turned out adorable!

Karen said...

What great finishes! Love the humbug design. Thanks for sharing.

CindyMae said...

The photos were totally worth waiting for!! Everything looks amazing!!

staci said...

Wow! Look at how busy and productive you've been! All your finishes are fantastic!!!

Vicky L said...

Oh wow Sara! I just love the hedgehogs. They are just so cute. I have the pattern and now I want to stitch them. You do beautiful stitching. I just love reading your blog.

Andrea said...

Wonderful finishes. Love the humbug.