Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Other Life!

I know this blog is mostly about stitching, but I do have another life!

I spent the day living out my real life! I'm hoping to shower my stitching life with some attention tonight!

DH is in NYC today, doing some research for his job. He left the house at 3:30am and will get home after 9pm tonight. He's stopping by to get his clothes and some cookies, and then he's heading to the beach for a weekend of golf. He goes once a year with his dad, brother, best friend and a bunch of guys they all grew up with. He'll have a great time! One year, about ten years ago, I made some cookies for him to take with him! Apparently, now they can't live without my cookies! :)

So I spent the day making molasses cookies (my fav!), a double batch of choc. chip cookies, oatmeal cookies (DH's favorite, but I can never get them the way I want them!) and a double batch of peanut butter with Hershey kisses! YUM! So he has a huge bag full of cookie containers to take with him tonight!

Andrew, 7th grade, got an award today at school. Much to his embarrassment (MOOOOMMM!! What are you doing here?!) I went to watch! His team has 125+ kids, and there are 3 different teams in the 7th grade. Each team gives an award for each subject they study: math, english,social studies and science. He won the award for best student in social studies. I was really proud of him, and he was so shocked! (maybe more by my presence, than by the award!)

Should I feel bad that I embarrass my kids?! I always tell them, they've embarrassed me a million times over the years, now it's my turn for a payback!

I have a huge decision to make for Thursday and Friday. Ready for it? Here it is:


I know, I know...big decision! I have a few really simple things that can be finished quickly, and a lot that will take lots of attention! And I don't want to waste my stitching time finishing! Isn't that always the dilemma! (or is it a dilemna?) either's a problem! LOL

Since I'm still opperating under my other life, I need to go help with homework! This 4th grade math is starting to kill me!


Cindy F. said...

What a good wife! I'm sure your husband is proud to have a wife who bakes those yummy cookies for his weekend!

Congrats to Andrew! Reminds me of when my son would ask me not to walk too close to him in the mall! HA!!

I think you should do some finishing and as a reward....stitch. Or do as the mood takes you;)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to your story about attending your son's school event. (Too funny!) And also to your stitching/finishing dilemma. I'm in the same boat. Whatever you decide, be sure to share your progress!