Monday, November 9, 2009

He Saved My Life

So the night before I left town, around midnight, Luke was still sobbing over his haircut. So out of pure parental desperation... after offering every solution possible...I offered this one:

"Twenty-five cents per insult".... he was convinced everyone would laugh and make fun of him, so I gave in to the great parental tool called bribing!

Fast forward a few days, and you'll see me sitting at my seat at the table...cross-stitching my heart out. All of a sudden my phone rings, and here is the conversation:

Me: Hello
Luke: Hey Mom
Me: Hey Luke!!!
Luke: Uhm, Mom you owe me $7.25.

Fast forward a few more nights and we hit tonight. Monday nights Luke gets guitar lessons from his hero, Mark (who has "cool" hair). Right before Mark came, Luke searched high and low for the faithful toboggan to cover his haircut. (A toboggan is a stocking cap, for you non-southern folk. I realize a toboggan is a sled to most people in the world, but after 15 years in the south, some times you just have to cave in!).

Doorbell rings.
Luke opens door.

In walks Mark WITH A HAIR CUT!!! Yeah, and it's shorter than Luke's!

Off goes the toboggan, and for the night Mark has saved my life! Wish he would have came over last Thursday!!!