Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nothing But Stitching

Yesterday and today, I did nothing but stitch. And when I say nothing, basically, I mean NOTHING! I did make sure my boys were fed! I did sweep the kitchen floor. I did THREE whole loads of laundry. And I taxied my boys around here and there. But besides that I stitched.

I started, stitched, finished completely, THIS PATTERN! There are three different ones to look at on the designer's blog, none are mine. (Remember, DH has the camera!) I don't mean to boast, okay, maybe I do! But really, it was a fun, quick and easy stitch. Those mermaids over one slowed me down a bit, but they sure are cute.

I think I've decided not to put cording on mine. Not 100% made up my mind, but I really like it how it is now, without the cording. The fob is stitched and stuffed, but not closed up...I'm waiting for the seahorse charm to get here.

Anybody know where to get those bone fish thread winders? I found some I like, but they are one dimensional, not like the ones in the kit. I emailed the designer and she said they were only available as a kit. But, come one, she had to buy them somewhere, right?! Surely one of my stitchy friends know where I can buy some!

One of my Tarheel pals loaned me her pattern, and even loaned me ALL THE SILK THREADS too! Was that sweet or what!?? Lucky me! Hmm.. wonder what she wants us to stitch next?!

My life is going back to normal tomorrow. DH gets back from the golf trip and I'll have to do things like keep a clean house, make beds, cook dinners, etc. But I sure enjoyed my mini-vacation, right here at home!

Pictures soon, as long as DH remembers where he put the camera!


omashee aka Barb said...

Can't wait to see pics. What a generous friend, pattern & floss! I', sure you can find the winders "somewhere" but I'm not much help there.
Oh, how I long for a "stitching" day! Lucky you!

Sandra said...

The fish thread winders came with the chart pack.

Monsoon said...

You finished it in 1 DAY!???!??! ugh I am not sure if i want to be impressed or sick. It took me several weeks... SEVERAL. See you on sat!

CindyMae said...

I can not wait till you get that camera back (or find it, LOL).