Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ft. Caswell, NC

A few days in the sun and sand, and we're loving it!! We're more exhausted than relaxed, but it's a good exhaustion! :) We came down to camp a few days early, and are just enjoying being a family again!

Our four college kids will get here tomorrow evening. DH keeps telling me to stop calling them kids, but they seem like my kids half the time! Then we'll be joined by 450+ campers on Monday! This is our biggest camp all summer, but my part is the most easy! This is an established camp, so I don't have to worry about meals or clean up, or changing trash cans, or anything like that! We (Mike) just has to make sure all his mission teams work! The rest we don't have to do, which makes it much more simple for my part!

Can't believe we only have two weeks left to the summer. After this week, we are doing our first Family Missions camp, open to all ages of families. We were expecting 100 at least, but looks like our numbers are quite small, closer to 50. But it will feel much more like "family" and we'll have a great time! Plus my sister will be here, so I'll get to have some family too!

We are in two hotel/motel rooms...connected by a galley style kitchen. We've certainly made ourselves at home and about took over the place. On Monday we get to move into a little house, called Little Pier. We're so excited, we'll actually have a kitchen and living space for the two weeks we are here. Nice blessing to end the summer with!

When I get home, I'll be able to post some pictures. And we'll get back to stitching! :)


Carolyn NC said...

We used to take an annual field trip to Caswell for our ninth graders. Cool place with awesome people. Merry, Mac - do you know them? and the Gardners?

FayeRaye said...

I have the fondest memories of Camp Caswell as a child..our youth group would go each summer and it was the highlight of my year! We would do car washes,bake sales,etc to raise money to get to go. I am so glad you connected with one of our treasures on NC!~ Great blog by the way! Faye