Thursday, August 20, 2009

Enjoying Our Summer

The boys and I are trying to cram a summers worth of relaxing into the ten days we have left before school starts! We've been staying up late, and sleeping in even later! Poor DH had to go back to office work as soon as we got home, but the boys and I are living it up! :)

I went to an LNS earlier this week that is clearancing all of their cross-stitch! Is that a word?! My youngest was at a sleepover, so I dragged my oldest to the store with me. After we were there about twenty minutes, he said, "Mom you said we'd only be here a few minutes." To which I replied, "I lied!" He had fun pulling some threads for me, and enjoyed his smoothie at a nearby shop! I got GREAT deals! When I got home, I realized that instead of giving me 50 % off the sticker prices, they had actually given me 50% off twice. You see, when she scanned them into the machine they scanned in as 50 % off. Which either she didn't know or forgot about. So then at the end of ringing it all in, she gave me the 50% off. She said it was easier that way.

Because I was randomly adding stuff to the pile, I didn't really think much about the price, except for thinking what a great price it was. So after I realized their mistake, and after I felt very guilty about it, I emailed them to see if I should come back in and pay them what I owed. She said it was their mistake, to enjoy my stuff! So I certainly will! :) I'm hoping they'll mark down to 75% off someday soon, and I'll go back childless and really look around! I'd love to tell you where the shop is, but then you'll go buy all the goodies and I'd have to kill you! :)

I've been stitching so many little things, that I'm at the point where I have got to do some of the finishing work. Which I HATE to do!!! So instead of starting a new "smalls" or actually having to finish something, I picked up Flower Power! I was shocked to see how far along I was. I wasn't remembering how much I had actually stitched on it. I'll try to get a few pictures taken soon.

Today we need to get haircuts and school supplies bought. That's our only goal for the day! :)


Lisa said...

Since I value my life I will not ask you where the clearance sale is :) So I will just sit here, across the USA from you and turn green with envy :) Just kidding...sound like a good find! I can't wait to see some of your finishes!
Haircuts have been crossed off our list, today is school supply. Boys start school here next Tuesday so our summer is basically over. Enjoy the rest of yours!

Carolyn NC said...

Well, she won't, but I will! Where oh where is this clearance sale??? Sounds like you got some great deals!