Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family Missions/Summer End

My family basically does family missions all summer. At least, that's my DH's job: to run summer mission camps for teenagers. Since we're there as a family, basically it's a family mission trip....But really, I think most days it's more like a job! Not only for DH, but for me and the kids as well. I mean it's an awesome job, in fact it's DH's dream job, but some days (especially when you are dealing with 450+ teenagers and their leaders) it's a job!

This past week we have done a Family Mission's trip. The first one in NCBaptist history, as far as we can tell. It was a group effort between a lot of different teams at the office, but DH had a huge part of it. Partly because this is the first year, some was probably for economic reasons, we had quite a small group. In fact, including the staff we only had about 60 people here.

They all arrived on Monday afternoon. We did a little mini training to show them what would be expected of them and Tuesday morning, we sent them on their way. Only this time, we got to join them! Sure DH has had to do a lot of running here and there, but we've done missions as a family.

Today DH and Luke (9) took a new friend (10 or 11) and went to put a DOORKNOB on the back door to a lady's home. We're not talking a porch door, or a screen door, we're talking THE DOOR to her home had NO KNOB! Seriously folks, this is a beach resort area we are in! DH took the two boys and he held the door and THEY got to put in a doorknob for the lady! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

We have groups on the beach, talking and playing with the families there. We have families going to cook meals for service people (firemen/Coast Guard station, etc) We have families going to nursing homes and we have MANY families working on a construction site.

This has been one of those experiences that I will not forget. We have grandparents and aunts and uncles, and cousins and church families and single moms, and parents with no children,etc. etc. And at our construction job site, really, it's hard to tell which child belongs to which parent! The real construction men are replacing the floors for this lady in her bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. Apparently, she's had to shower at her neighbors house for the past YEAR, because she falls through the floor in her own bathroom, just by walking on it! Anyway, even these guys take time to talk to the kids, show them the work they are doing! How many kids get to see a real, lived in home, with no floor!? :) An older lady took a young boy (9 yrs or so) out to the grape veins and taught him how to trim those back. Another lady took a girl to help scrub off the lady's deck furniture.

I even get some of MY family here! My sister came down for the week, from Alaska. And honestly, I thought she'd rather stay here and get some sun while we fulfilled our obligations during the day. Instead, I have spent the past two days working side by side with her, and I loved it! Today we even shared a ladder while painting the trim of this ladies house. One of the older gentlemen walked past us as we were sweaty and stinky, painting the house. He paused as he walked by and said, "Looking good Ladies, looking good! And the paint's not bad either!" ha

It's just so incredible to see the way people are working together to make a difference for other people. I think this is the way God meant for the church to be! I'm telling you, it's gonna be hard to go back and sit in a church pew!

We have a fun little worship service each night, and tonight the speaker reminded us of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. And asked us, what are we willing to sacrifice for Him? God loves each of us dearly, but not only does He love us...He loves people of every nation and ethnic group! And our responsibility is to share His love with those around us. Not only those where it's comfortable to go, but to those around the world. I can no longer sit by and do nothing, when I know what is going on around the world.

The question is: what am I willing to sacrifice to be a Christ follower and join Him in reaching the nations?


Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like you hit the nail on the head when you describe the church as one who goes out to spread His love by helping in whatever manner and showing His love. Glad you all have had such an awesome summer!

Lisa said...

What a neat experience you and your family - the whole community working together - is having. Working together, in love and something back...what great life lessons!