Friday, April 24, 2009

Can I Just Have One Day at Home?

Really, it's not too much to ask, is it?! I am a stay-at-home mom, after all! :)

We are going to be gone again this weekend. We're going back to Fort Caswell, the camp at the beach. It's gonna be HOT this weekend, in the mid 80's! This is our third weekend there in about five weekends, and we had one weekend of rain and 50's, last weekend was high 60's, and this weekend will be our reward! LOL The kids have gotten in the ocean each weekend, but this weekend maybe they won't freeze to death! :)

I get a ME weekend next weekend! :) I can NOT wait! Then a week from this Sunday, DH and I will be driving to Orlando, FL so we can leave on a cruise Mon-Fri! Can you believe somebody GAVE us the cruise? Well, we had to pay the taxes...but when we got our itinerary and bill.. we saved over $2,000! So that was a real blessing! :)

Then we just have a certain kid's birthday to celebrate! 12 years old on May 9th! One year away from teenagers! Yikes! Then, believe it or not, I think we have few weekends home..until we hit the road in early June for all our summer camps!

I've been awfully quiet on here lately! I like reading everybody else's blogs! I'm just not sure I want to keep up with my own blog! You see, really I'm sort of a private person! And when I'm just typing away, I tend to say way too much! ha! So, now I'm not so sure about this whole blog thing! Plus half the time I don't have anything interesting to say! LOL

I have been stitching on my Flower Power. Believe it or not, I've stitched two full pages. Well, I haven't done the little bugs over one stitching yet, or the backstitching, so technically, I haven't really finished anything, have I? I'm wondering if I'm going to regret saving the backstitching and over one until the end? I just haven't felt like doing those stitches, so I'm not going to yet! Stitching is supposed to be fun, right?!

I've got to pack for myself and the two boys. Pick up one boy from school, DH will get the other boy. Then we'll hit the road around 1pm. Is that way too much info for anybody?! :) I'm hoping to get done quickly, so I can get a few stitches in before I leave!


Cindy F. said...

Have fun this weekend! and how exciting about your upcoming cruise!! I understand about needing a weekend....I'm hoping this one is it;)
Sara I have often thought about not blogging anymore too. I don't stitch fast enough to entertain the I started it for my family to keep up with us. I hope you don't stop because I really enjoy your blog:) Stitching and writing!

Lisa said...

Have a fun weekend and enjoy the warm weather. Here in CA we had 100s at the beginning of the week, which we complained about and now the temps are barely out of the this is probably coming your way eventually. I, like Cindy, hope you don't stop blogging. I too think that I put too much personal things out there for the public to read...but I find it therapeutic to write about some of the things - whether it be about stitching, myself or family things. Because sometimes there will be a reader who will leave a comment behind that will bring support and/or inspiration to whatever might be going on in life. Take care and enjoy you upcoming family events!

Marion said...

Sara, please don't stop blogging! I feel the same way you do at times, and I've been ignoring my blog lately...we are doing renovations and well, I just don't seem to have the energy to post on my own blog much. Even if you just post your stitching...that would be great....YOU inspire ME to stitch...look at what did...I went out and HAD to get some of the patterns I saw you have to keep blogging!!

Have a great weekend!!