Monday, March 23, 2009

One down, nine to go

I don't feel good! I haven't done a thing all day today, except sit in front of the TV! Not even any stitching, just sat and stared. Had to catch up on a couple shows, thank goodness for DVR and fast forward! :) I watched Grey's Anatomy (why does that show make me cry?), Private Practice, and Brothers and Sisters. I still have The Unit and another show to watch.. can't think of the name of it. It's something about Mars I think.. about the guy that goes back in time to the 70's. I'm a TV-hollic I know! Drives my DH nutso. I blame it on the fact that I didn't have TV growing up...surely that's the reason, right?!

We had a great weekend. DH made lots of contacts, etc. We heard an awesome preacher from Africa: Dr. Terry Rae,wonder if he's online anywhere? Well he didn't have a website exactly, but I did find this link to our whole weekend! :)

We worked our hineys off, so to speak. Well, personally I worked a nail off! After unloading and reloading a whole truck of stuff.. I looked at my hands and saw a huge chunk of out my left pinkie nail! So that nail is gone! I've never wanted to be the person who cared if a nail was broken or not! See, that's one of the problems of having nice nails! So I've got nine left to go!

We have another busy weekend coming up, though I don't think any heavy lifting will be involved for me! :)

I need to take a few updated pictures to show you! I got a neato little package in the mail today for a spring exchange from my friend Viv in Canada. And a new nativity from my sister who visited Puerto Rico last month. Stitched an itty bit on my Flower Power, and almost am finished with my PS Nativity. Just gotta stitch the sheep and the roof. Stitching on 32 ct. over 1 doesn't work too well while riding in the car. Besides I was tired, and that didn't help either!!

As soon as I feel like doing more than just sitting on the couch, I'll post some updated picture! :)


Brenda Lou said...

I'm a huge TV fanatic myself! And we're not the lone rangers, there's more of us out there :)

Anonymous said...
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