Monday, March 9, 2009

Lessons from the South

As I was eating supper the other night: cole slaw, baked beans, fried chicken, BBQ and sweet tea-I thought to myself....boy I've really changed since I've lived "down south" for the past 12+ years. When DH and I first met, I wouldn't be caught dead drinking Cold Sweet Tea! Gag! And cole slaw ON TOP OF the BBQ??!! Horrors! But there I was with BBQ and cole slaw both on my fork and going into my mouth!

So then I started to think! Dangerous I know! But here are a few things I've learned since living in the Southern USA!

*That thing you put groceries in really is called a BUGGY, I used to think it was called a grocery cart.
*If you ask for a "pack of nabs" you'll get some prepackaged peanut butter crackers!
*You don't look ugly down south! Down south you ACT ugly, as in: "Why are you acting so ugly?!"
*Pork Rinds (sp?) really are yummy, even the spicy ones!
*Little boys wear britches, not pants!
*The plural form of ya'all is "all ya'll!"
*My kids are expected to call me ma'am, but only when they are in big trouble!
*I call my boys Sir, but only when they are in big trouble: "No, Sir! We do not act like that in public!"
*Football (and at my house NCState football) overrules every other activity in the house.
*NASCAR really is more than just a bunch of cars running circle around a track! Well, sort of!
*I used to think Oyster stew was just hot milkbutter and a few oysters thrown in there. Now I know that's all it is and it's YUMMY!
*I don't have to take a jacket with me in the summer EVER-unless the A/C is gonna be too cold! Growing up in Alaska, you ALWAYS took a jacket-especially if you were going to be getting home late. It was midJuly and we were heading to a baseball game and I kept asking DH, "Are you sure I won't need a sweatshirt towards the end of the game?" Little did I know, it would still be 80+ degrees at 10:00 at night!

I still think a tobogan is something you sit on, not something you put on your head! They haven't been able to convince me of that one yet!

And I still can NOT eat a red hotdog! Have you seen what happens to the water when you cook a red hotdog? That can NOT be a good thing!

I'm sure there's a lesson or two more that I've learned! :) But at 1:30am they seem to be slipping my mind!

Talk to ya'll later!


Carolyn NC said...

So true, so true, spoken like a true Southerner. I'm with you on the red hot dogs - gag! Amazing what you get used to, isn't it? Go Pack! I'm still not convinced that NASCAR is that phenomenal, but I do watch it with DH, and I was born down here!

Kathy A. said...

Oh hon what a great laugh this morning! My youngest sister now lives in Houston and her children ya'll and ma'am with the best of them. I still can't do smoked BBQ but I am enjoying some of the other Texas things when I visit her

Michele said...

loved your post! and yes Nascar is more than just turning left :) lol

and I love the picture on your blog header!

Cindy F. said...

Great post! You made me miss where I'm originally from...N.C.!!
Moving to Texas, I had to quit saying buggy...not it's a cart!
A toboggan...I have to say knitted cap.....HA! Too funny! I love this:)
And I miss my bbq with coleslaw...that CarolynNC eats for me occasionally!!
We're going to the parents at Christmas...and I'm going to eat everything Texas doesn't have!

stitcher2 said...

I got such a laugh at your post, I grew up in the south and it all sounds good to me. I am in Alaska now and oh the looks I get when I say I am fixing to finish something....Thanks for the smile.

Beth said...

Toboggan and buggy really got me when we first moved down here from IL. Oh, and the phrase "might could"...meaning "perhaps I will be able to". I find myself saying that now sometimes, it just works better.

But the barbecue. Well. I like putting slaw on it, but the sauce just isn't right. I grew up with sweet sauce (Chicago or Kansas City style) and vinegar sauce makes my eyes water. :)

Karen said...

How funny! As a native South Carolinian, I thought these things were common everwhere! Do you mean we are different???