Friday, March 13, 2009

Flower Power Stitching

DH has been out golfing all week in Vegas with eight of his buddies. His schedule has been so crazy, that he needed a break! They've been having a blast!

Meanwhile, I've gotten a good headstart on my FP! I took this picture on Tuesday, I think! See that stem at the bottom right? There is another full pink flower there and to the left of the middle flower I have the last pink flower started. Below this section there are white flowers, guess I'll go there next!

I almost always save the backstitching to the very end. But with this pattern there is a TON of it, and I think I might just stitch it as I go...still deciding! DH and I have a drive to FL coming up and I might do the backstitching while we are driving. We'll see!

Here's FP all spread out in my stitching chair! This thing is gonna be huge!

I learned a new southern word Wednesday night at church. The pastor kept saying "fistacuff". Like those boys were getting in a fistacuff. So I guess it means they were using their fists, like in a fist fight?

And I forgot one! Stories!! Do you know what stories are? To my nothern mother they are books you would read to children, obviously! To my MIL, they are "her stories", which she religiously records and watches every day! Did you guess it? Yup: Soap Operas!

And last but not least here's a little TMI for the weekend! I have ALWAYS had the horrid habit of chewing my fingernails! Really, I just couldn't ever stop! Every once in a while I'd notice my fingernails were getting long, and I'd try to keep them nice and then within the day they'd be gone again!

So when we were in Honduras, I noticed my fingernails weren't chewed to my wrists....but since I was in a foreign country I was a little scared to put my fingers in my mouth! :) So here we are almost a month later and look how nice my fingernails are!

And not just one hand either! Both hands, all fingers...nice and pretty! I've even trimmed them TWICE! Seriously, in all the 33 years of my life, this is the longer my nails have been ever!!

And can somebody tell me why my fingers are crooked?! :)

I've gotta straighten up the house before DH gets home tonight, do a little work, stitch on my friendship RR, do the finishing for a spring exchange, do my Bible study, pick up Andrew from school, help with an ice cream party in Luke's class (after I get Andrew...which should be VERY interesting!), feed the boys supper, finish the laundry.... and NOT chew my nails, all before 7:00! Think I can do it?


Lisa said...

Congrats on the nails. I have that habit. I was only able to overcome it twice (right before I got preg) - but once the babies came & my hormones were out of wack - the nails were gone. So, now with stress of life - I have given up. You have beautiful hands! Good job.
And yes, I believe that you will be able to get through all of your "to dos" today!

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful flowers there girl. You are right - that piece looks huge. I am sure it will be stunning.
Good for you - your nails look great.
I think you can manage all your chores and keep those beautiful nails all by 7.

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on the nails. Having bitten them all my life and grown them out and had acrylics, I don't really care too much anymore! If they grow out, fine, if not, whatever! One thing age will do for you LOL. Your FP has a great start -will be gorgeous! You can do it all - have fun!

Marion said...

My friend did Flower Power a few years ago, I was lucky enough to see it in different stages of progress, and then her husband framed it for her for Christmas one's amazing...and knowing will be done in no time!

Congrats on the nails as well!!!

And your nativities...I didn't post a comment, but really enjoyed looking at have such a unique collection!!

Cindy F. said...

Your flower piece is beautiful! I can't wait to see more progress on this one:)

Congrats on the nails growing:)
I used to chew mine until a few years ago. I saw a show on tv about pinworms....enough said;)