Monday, November 24, 2008

Pigeon Forge, TN

My friend Linda picked me up bright and early at 6am on Thursday morning. We started out our six hour drive, and about twelve hours later ended up at the hotel! What, you say? Why did it take so long? Well, we made a 10 minute potty and eat stop at McDonald's. (Are we the only grown women who like McDonalds?) and then we spent the rest of the six hours shopping at two LNS shops (cross-stitch stores, for my none stitcher readers) and the 45 minutes travel in between.

We arrived at the hotel around 6:30pm, checked in, went potty ate a quick supper snack and headed to our 3rd LNS! We got back to the hotel around 9pm.

The real retreat didn't start until Friday, but over 1/2 of us were there on Thursday! In fact we ran into three of our friends at the first LNS we went too, almost two hours from Pigeon Forge! I guess great minds think alike?!!

After Thurdsay, we didn't leave the hotel until Sunday around 9am, and drove 6 hrs home! We sat and stitched for HOURS! Stayed up late, ate when we wanted, talked about EVERYTHING and had a blast!

I finished a project, started and finished a gift for my sister, and got started on a 3rd project. I'll have pictures soon!

1.You can survive on cheese and crackers for three days!!!
2.You can also survive on less than four hours of sleep a night!
3. You can NOT solve the world's problems, but they seem much less when shared with friends!
4.No matter how much you buy at LNS's you always find something else you HAVE to stitch when you see what everybody else is working on!
5.Doing a cross-stitch gift exchange with other stitchers can be very dangerous!
6.Stitchers make the best of friends!

Thanks everybody! I also found out this weekend, that lots of them read my blog! Yikes, I'm gonna have to start behaving if people in my "real" life read this!!

I need to get back to real life! I'm cleaning, unpacking and catching up on laundry today! DH told me he's taking tomorrow off, so we're going to go do some Christmas shopping while the boys are in school.


Marion said...

Sounds like my kind of getaway!!
Pictures and stash lists....that's what we need from you! LOL

Rachel said...

you like mcdonalds because that was the only fast food available when we were kids on the island. by the way what is LNS?? I am not a stitcher so I am clueless. Just got back from AK for a quick visit to see Ruth's new baby boy. It was COLD...glad to be warm again.

Cindy F. said...

That sounds like a dream vacation to me!! A stitching retreat and 3 LNS!! Sounds like you had a blast!