Monday, November 3, 2008

Crazy Monday's!

Why does life always get crazy on Mondays? I agreed about a month ago to do a SAL with Becky on Mondays..and every Monday since has been crazy! :)

The kids are out of school today, and Luke has invited a friend over to spend the night. I should get some stitching time tonight, Luke will be busy with his friend! Andrew is staying a few days with his grandparents! The kids have today and tomorrow off of school! Lucky them, a four day weekend!

We went to my inlaws over the weekend. We took the boys trick-or-treating at their downtown party. It was a lot of fun and no worries about cars and trick-or-treaters! We finished early and we all (even Daddy and Papaw) went to see a movie. Saturday we all went to the Wake Forest vs. Duke football game. We are all NCState fans, but went for "Baptist Church Day". There were about 2,000 there with the Baptist Church Day. We heard a speaker (who DH had to introduce) and then a picnic lunch and then the ballgame. I'm not a huge football fan, but it was an exciting game! DH, Luke and I drove home Saturday night and Andrew stayed with his grandparents. (He is in hog heaven, trust me!)

Sunday, we tried a new church...we've been in town for a year now, and we are attending a small church..but we aren't quite "right" with it! :) So we tried a new church Sunday and thankfully we really liked it. As you know, DH was a pastor for six years, and a youth minister before that! We have learned, since started this new job, that finding a church for an ex-pastor's family isn't the easiest thing to do! I really hope this one works out for us. We'll try it a few more times before we make up our minds!

Today I need to clean desperately! How does a house get so filthy when you aren't even hardly home over the weekend?! Yikes!

I've been working like mad on an exchange! Marion has already sent me mine (which I LOVE) and I'm the grand loser and still haven't finished hers! It's not for lack of working on it, trust me! I can't make up my mind for number one! And then what I picture in my head, didn't quite look right on fabric... so she is patiently waiting! I have a few things stitched.. just need to do the finishing and then they go in the mail! Finally, right Marion?! :)

Have a great Monday everybody!


Rachel said...

what organization does your hubby work for? Somehow I thought it was attached to a church.

saras said...

He works for NC Baptist Men.

They aren't specifically tied to one church, they are tied to all the Baptist Churches in NC. Basically they are there to offer support to the local churches. Mike's responsibilites are for youth missions (and some family missions), both in planning mission trips, writing missions curriculum for youth, teaching, helping youth pastors, that type of thing.

You can check that out if you want. Anything that says youth, or Deep Impact, is Mike's job!

Marion said...

Hey Sara! You had a busy weekend!
Have a great Monday!

BeckySC said...

Sara..I missed today's SAL as it has been a busy day for us...hubby had to see the nurse about his hand and my mom getting ready for surgery tomorrow...I'll pick it back up next Monday :) **HOPEFULLY** :)

Cindy F. said...

You really did have a busy weekend! Being originally from N.C., I was a big Duke fan (basketball...not football) and my husband was a Carolina fan! He finally started pulling for Duke and then we got transferred to Texas! I miss N.C. bbq!
I hope this is the church for you guys! We're looking too!

Daffycat said...

Mondays are like that, aren't they!