Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Vacation is Here

Oh dear! First day of summer vacation and life is getting ready to get crazy! For the next five weeks, my family will be going with DH to help run youth summer mission camps. They run Sun pm-Sat. So we'll be either going to the next location or coming home really quickly on Saturday afternoons and having to get to the next place by Sunday. They are all in NC this year. We were supposed to go to Honduras, but that trip has been cancelled due to the airport closing where we were supposed to land!

So, I have a mile long "to do" list today! I've got to pack for both boys and myself. Plus pack toys and stuff for the boys to do, plus back all linens (pillows/sheets/towels/blankets/etc) Once I get this first go around packed, it should be pretty easy the next few weeks!

I'm hoping to keep my blog going, but since this is our first summer, I'm not sure how hectic it will get! I have a whole pile of stitching to take with me! But I have no idea if I'll get it done or not!:) We'll see!

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