Friday, June 6, 2008

starting something new!

Honestly, I do have some rather HUGE cross-stitched pictures on my walls! However I'm stuck on doing smalls at the moment! Though some of these don't qualify as smalls, I don't think! Anyway, tonight I started this!

Eventhough it is handwritten like my previous pain in the hiney needle necesary I just finished, so far, so good!:) I'm working on the garden panel, and after two hours of work, I've only done the border! My fabric is a little darker, more on the blue side of green. And my waterlillies (which I am loving!) is spruce. But the sample has pinks in the thread and mine definitely just has teals and greens and whites, It is similar to the sample in the link, except mine has lots of shadings that fade to white a lot. Hmm??!!I think it looks okay! I love stitching with that stuff!

So when you have overdyed threads and it changes within 3 or 4 do you stitch with it? Especially if you can't get all the different color changes in one length of floss? I had stitched the bottom right and about 1/2 of the right side border with the same length of floss. I had to use it 3 times, but the same cut of floss. When I ran out, I cut the next length and there was some really dark teal in that length. So I used that, but it really didn't blend well! So I decided to cut a couple different lengths and then just use them randomly! How do you do it?


Sonda in OR said...

I usually just go with it...whatever my floss comes out to. I remember reading once a specific technique to get all your strands the same, but I don't remember where.d

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

You choose the neatest projects! That it going to be gorgeous!

Can't help ya on the floss, I try to avoid variegateds that have drastic color changes for the very same reason. (Plus I hate crossing each stitch as I go.) I feel like I know where I want the color to change and get frustrated when it doesn't change where I want. LOL!

Raggedy Ann said...

Stopping in to say hello!!!!

Louise in NC :)

Melanie said...

Hey Girl!
A fellow Tarheel stopping to say "hi"!