Saturday, May 30, 2009

Neighbor: Part 2

Believe it or not, DH and I both talked to L (our neighbor) last night for about an hour. We were outside with our boys (plus one: luke was having a sleepover) and L came outside and came over and talked to us! Just normal as pie...I had just made a chocolate chip cookie bar, so I brought him a few pieces outside.

He has a friend who has moved in. His name is L too! So now I can call them L&L or l1 and L2,or 2Ls...I'm a little concerned, I haven't met him yet. Apparently they work together, so at least they both have jobs. And looks like L2 will be contributing a little bit to help L1 get back on his feet.

L1 has a lady friend in his life. She is a great friend, she breaks into his house when he's gone, steals the cat food, and last week she even stole his phone! Great friend, eh? He's having a hard time cutting the strings with her. She got out of jail a few weeks ago, and he went and picked her up because she had convinced him that she was ready to change her life! Now she's living a little ways from here in a house with ten men. Apparently they give her drugs and alcohol and she repays the favor in other ways.

How do you end up in a life like that? And how in the world do you break the never ending cycle?


Carolyn NC said...

At least you've been able to talk to your neighbors and hope this will all work for the good! Sad about the girlfriend.

Cindy F. said...

I really hope L2 does help L1 out...and he should DUMP the girlfriend! You don't steal from people!! That's just wrong!