Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ain't Got Nothing

Nope, not a single thing...

Ain't got a thing to tell you! :)

Haven't done much stitching. Haven't taken any pictures. Yup, basically I got nothin!

I could tell you about when Luke told me the night before that he needed a KILT for school the next day.

I could tell you that I spent an entire day making a kilt.

Or I could even tell you about the major breakdown he had when he refused to "wear a skirt in front of the entire fourth grade!"

I could tell you about how he dropped a can of soda that exploded all over the living room!

Maybe you'd be interested in knowing that the teacher in charge of the play delayed it til "further notice".

Probably not that interesting to know that the kilt is now in the trash can!

See, I've got nothin'!

I have lots of projects kitted up, but nothin is callin my name!

Somebody send me some stitching mojo!

Are you interested in knowing that we have a youth event this Fri-Sun?

Or maybe that DH and I will be in Honduras Mon-Wed setting up everything for this summer.

You know what, keep your stitching mojo... send it to me a week from tomorrow! I might get to stitch them!

1 comment:

Kathy A. said...

ROFL - I ain't got nothing either!