Thursday, June 4, 2009


Okay, so Luke proved me wrong! :) Maybe my little man is maturing after all! As soon as he woke up, I asked him if he wanted to have a date to McDonald's for breakfast and he said sure. We laid in bed and watched cartoons, got ready and headed out the door. I got a little nervous when he went into the bathroom to fix his hair, but he did fine!

He mentioned that he didn't like it a few times, but nothing NEAR what we've dealt with in the past! He even held the door open for me to walk into McDonald's! He got my soda, lid, straw and napkin! All together now, "AHH!"

I read a parenting book once, basically helping parents know how to change inappropriate behavior in their kids. Well, the first thing they said was to keep track for one week how often the behavior was occuring. Then do whatever changes you wanted to do to help them change the behavior and then do another check a few months later and see if there was any improvement.

The funny thing, is when I did that with Luke and sort of watched for a week,he really wasn't doing it that often. Like the author said, sometimes when you're in the "thick of it" it seems like the behavior is happening ALL the time when in reality it doesn't happen all that much. It just seems like it when you are dealing with it at the moment! I forget what it was with Luke that I was wanting to change...but in reality, he didn't do it all that much! LOL It was just so overwhelming whenever it did happened, that it seemed like it was happening all the time!

ANYWAY! :) I've stitched a few little things the past few weeks, haven't picked up my Flower Power in a month or more! My goal is to take some pictures today for the blog, we'll see! :)

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