Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where Did the Time Go?

Yikes! Where does all the time go?! I've been busy stitching, finished up the Darn Darn thingy.. I should post a picture of it! I like how it turned out! I've finished up three of my over one projects, now they just need to be all put together. I'm going to put one together tomorrow, and will post pictures! It's gonna be cute! Pain staking, but cute!

I'm heading to the Memorial Day Stitch-In with Sue Hillis this weekend. I'm driving (well riding) with two of my best stitcher friends..we are going to have a blast! Fri-Mon: all stitching! Can't wait!

Life is getting ready to get really hectic for me, in fact my stitching weekend is about my last weekend for free stuff. I debating keeping up with the blog, cause we're gonna be gone a lot this summer. Guess we'll see!

Hopefully I'll have some pictures tomorrow!

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Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Life if fixin' to get crazy for me too this summer. I call it Camp Marberry, LOL! Keep blogging, I'd love to read about y'all's adventures!

Hope you had a blast at Sue's... I'm so jealous. :)